Altay Tank Engine BATU Will Be Tested In April

Altay tank engine will be tested in batu april
Altay tank engine will be tested in batu april

BATU Power Group's engine to power the Altay main battle tank will be tested in April 2021

Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made statements regarding the latest situation in "domestic and national engine" projects. Demir announced that it had completed the tests of the previously launched TÜMOSAN Internal Combustion Engine 400 and the “Heavy Commercial Vehicle Engine” 600 horsepower land vehicle engines, and that it would be installed on armored vehicles and entered in the inventory. İsmail Demir pointed to April 2021 for the test and said, “Our (YNHZA Engine) 1000 horsepower engine is currently being tested, the engine continues to work. (Altay AMT) The tank engine has now entered the 'testbenche' (test bench), hopefully we will see it running in the test next April. Transmissions continue to work. " made statements.

Mesude Kılınç, Head of SSB Engine and Power Transmission Systems Department, stated that they aim to accept BATU, the power group project of the Altay tank, on the tank in 2021 at the "Defense Technologies 2024" event organized by the Istanbul Technical University Defense Technologies Club.

Stating that it will be a very challenging test process, Kılınç stated that a project process will be carried out in the field, including tests of 10.000 kilometers on the tank. Stating that critical subsystems were also developed locally within the scope of the project, Mesude Kılınç said, “We attach great importance to the local development of critical subsystems. This makes our challenging project even more difficult ”.

Mesude Kılınç stated that volume constraint is one of the most important problems and that high power should be given in a low volume, and accordingly, task profile studies and load spectrum studies should be managed and well organized. Kılınç said, "We create a mission profile by getting the necessary support from the Turkish Armed Forces and NATO operations, we extract the load spectrum, and we provide improvements in line with these conditions." he said.

Stating that critical subsystems are also difficult, Kılınç said, “If critical subsystems had not been developed locally, we would not have to deal with these technical studies. However, within the scope of the project, we continue to move forward in the calendar in order to develop the subsystems domestically and to achieve the final engine and transmission performance targets. "We are working hard to improve the 2024 calendar by continuing risk management activities".

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