Aesthetic Touch to Overpass Projects in Izmir

Aesthetic touch to top pass projects in izmir
Aesthetic touch to top pass projects in izmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality enriches the new pedestrian overpasses on the main arteries with designs that will increase the life quality and comfort of the city. Bayraklı Two new overpass shades to be implemented on New Girne Street will add color to the area with seating areas where pedestrians can relax and watch the environment.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka Two new pedestrian overpasses to Girne Street kazanwill yell. The new pedestrian overpasses, which will make crossings to the New Girne Marketplace and Martyr Erhan Vuruşkan Park safe and comfortable, will also draw attention with their architectural design.

A top cover was also planned in order to provide comfortable use in both pedestrian overpasses with escalators and elevators suitable for the use of disabled, elderly and cyclists. Lecture theaters were designed for the people of the city to rest on the market place of the new shaded pedestrian overpasses and the stair sections on the park side. Both overpasses were planned in such a way that pedestrians could watch the environment from the moment they started to climb the stairs.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to tender for the construction of a good new pedestrian overpass that will add visual richness to Yeni Girne Street.

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