86 Villages in Izmir Get Free Internet

Bay in Izmir gets free internet
Bay in Izmir gets free internet

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality creates EBA points by establishing free internet connection for children who receive distance education in rural neighborhoods. While 20 villages have access to the internet so far, the number of villages with free internet service will reach 86 this month. President Soyer said, "We continue to support students and families with limited opportunities during the pandemic in order to create equal opportunities in education."

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to support distance education. Free internet connection was established in 20 villages and an EBA point was established in order to provide access to the Education Information Network (EBA) system under the Ministry of National Education for children in rural neighborhoods. This month, internet service will be provided to all of the 86 villages with priority determined in cooperation with the Directorate of Headquarters and the Department of Information Technologies.

The most basic need

With the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for distance education, students and parents got rid of difficulties in Menemen's Bağcılar Village. The village library has been turned into an EBA point for children who cannot connect to EBA because they do not have internet in their villages and who do not have their lessons. Ahmet Ata Temiz, Head of Information Technology Department of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, stated that our country, like the whole world, has gone through difficult times with the pandemic and said, “We are excited to bring the internet, which is the most basic need of our children in the distance education process, to our villages. Together with our Head of Headquarters, we determined the places that cannot receive internet service. "We are bringing free internet service to 15 villages in 86 districts and delivering the service of our municipality to our villages and our children."

Muhtar Ertekin, "Our president thought of us"

Durmuş Mahir Ertekin, the headman of Menemen Bağcılar, stated that 25 children received education in their village and said, “Our children had difficulties in the distance education process because there was no internet in our village. Thanks to our Bronze President, he thought of us. "We now have the internet in our library and our children are very happy that they can easily connect to EBA and attend classes here."

Students and parents are now at ease

Şükrü Ayhan, a 7th grade student at Emiralem Atatürk Secondary School, said, “The internet went out for a while, it came. Thank goodness now. Here we read books, attend our classes. We had a very nice environment.

Begüm Şen, 5th grade student at Zehra Semahat Erişen Primary School, said, “When the distance education started, we had to attend the live classes. We could not connect because there was no internet in our village. Now Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has brought internet to our village. We will now be able to take our lessons, ”he said.

Gülsüm Ayhan and Meral Ceylan, parents, said, “We had great difficulties with the start of the distance education system. There was no internet in the village. We tried to manage by buying an internet package. We could not connect to EBA most of the time. Now Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has created an EBA point in our village. Now they both stay away from their classes and have a good time here. Our President Tunç Soyer“We thank you,” he said.

Villages with internet service

Bergama Örenli, Bozyerler, Kozluca, Çitköy, Durmuşlar, Dikili Çukuralan, Demirtaş, Gökçeağıl, Katıralani, Kınık Arpadere, Arpaseki, Aziziye, Bademalan, Corners, Sucahlı, Bagged Bülbüldere, Tulum, Ormanköy, Menderes Çamönü, Çatalca, Oğlanası, Belevi, Karaburun Funhoca, Küçükbahçe, Seferihisar Ulamış, Urla Barboros, Demircili, Kadıovacık, Ödemiş Bozcayaka, Cevizalan, Güney, Beydağ Karaoba, Cherry Hair, Örencik, Olgunlar, Yenişehir, Menemen Çukurköy, Bağcılar, Alaniçi, Tuzçullu and Kemalpaşa, Dereköy, Ovacık, Free internet service was provided to the villages of Sarıcalı, Sarılar, Vişneli, Yesilyurt and Hamzaba.

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