8 Precautions To Prevent Ingrown Toenails

Precautions to prevent nail ingrown
Precautions to prevent nail ingrown

Ingrown toenails, which can cause complaints such as redness, swelling and pain in the finger and nail edge, is a common disorder in the society. In patients with advanced ingrown toenails, it becomes difficult to wear shoes, socks frequently get dirty, problems such as inflammation and abscess occur.

The fact that open-toed shoes, sandals and slippers are usually worn in hot weather relieves people with ingrown toenails. However, the autumn and winter months can be difficult for people with ingrown toenails. Memorial Health Group Medstar Antalya Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Department Op. Dr. Feza Köylüoğlu gave information about ingrown toenails and treatment methods.

If your feet sweat a lot ...

Ingrown toenail is an infection that manifests itself with swelling, redness and pain, especially on the inner or outer edge of the toe nail. Mechanically, it begins with the nail edge sinking into the meat. Complaints and symptoms increase. Initially, the pain, which occurs only when touching a hard place, becomes a serious infection that contaminates the socks with its discharge after a while. It occurs in almost every age group. Many things can cause ingrown nails. Usually; Wearing tight shoes, improper cut nails, and sweaty feet can cause ingrown toenails. Especially in young people, ingrown toenails are seen in the feet that sweat a lot.

Getting a pedicure is not a solution!

If there is an inflammatory ingrown toenail, its treatment is definitely a surgical procedure. Applying ointment or using antibiotics will not solve the problem. Having a pedicure at the hairdressers is also not a solution, it may even make the problem bigger rather than solving. Because at the root of the problem lies the mechanical penetration of a part of the nail into the flesh causing inflammation. If this mechanical obstacle is removed with a minor surgical intervention, the problem will be eliminated.

Treatment may vary depending on the problem

For a healthy treatment planning, the evaluation of the nail should be done well. Immediately afterwards, the ingrown part is usually removed and sometimes stitched. It should be known that removing the nail immediately is not a solution. Recurrence can also be seen as a result of wire treatments. On the other hand, a high rate of success can be achieved with the method called "phenol matrixectomy". Only the ingrown part on the edge of the nail is taken up to the root, and the ingrown area is blinded with a chemical substance so that the nail does not come out from there again and create a nail. Thus, the possibility of being sunken again is minimized.

Pay attention to these to prevent ingrown nails;

  • Don't cut your nails too short.
  • Take care not to leave the corners of your nails straight, cut in a half-moon shape.
  • Avoid narrow and pointed toes and heels.
  • Wear slippers and sandals that will leave your toes exposed for a while.
  • Take care to keep your feet dry.
  • Use only cotton socks and change them daily.
  • If you have problems with circulation in your feet or you cannot cut your own nails, choose to have nail care and pedicure in a safe place.
  • If you have an ingrown, inflamed nail that lasts for a few weeks, be sure to see a specialist.

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