6 Important Recommendations for the Elderly in the Pandemic

This mistake has been worried so much that I can strengthen my immunity
This mistake has been worried so much that I can strengthen my immunity

While the Covid-19 pandemic, which deeply affected our country as well as the whole world, completed its first year in our country, the elderly were among the most affected by this difficult process in the past year.

Stating that the elderly who spend most of the year in quarantine at home have significant physical and psychological problems, Acıbadem Dr. Şinasi Can (KadıköyHospital Geriatrics and Internal Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Berrin Karadağ said, “While the Covid-19 infection, which has not been fully controlled in the first year of the epidemic, continues to seriously threaten especially the elderly, the elderly population is increasing all over the world. According to the latest estimates, it is predicted that by 2050, 2 billion people will be over 60 years old. Older people are particularly at risk from Covid-19 in terms of their health and a number of social and economic aspects of their lives. Therefore, they must strictly abide by some rules. " says. Prof. Dr. Berrin Karadağ made a statement as part of the Elderly Week of 18-24 March, and made important warnings and suggestions to the elderly, especially for the 1st year of the pandemic.

Do not interfere with your health checks

Patients over the age of 60 with one or more diseases (comorbidity) are at higher risk in terms of Covid-19 severity and mortality. Since this patient group cannot fulfill their controls adequately due to the epidemic danger, there is an increase in deaths due to chronic diseases. Since many elderly people disrupt the control of their chronic diseases due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this issue also triggers the incidence of complications and deaths. For this reason, we should not disrupt the controls and keep our bodies strong, especially without ignoring chronic diseases.

Pay attention to your diet!

While loneliness and staying away from loved ones affect the loss of appetite and balanced nutrition, especially in the elderly population, the immune system is inevitably suppressed when the inactivity is added. In order for these days to pass, we have to fight vigorously, especially be careful about our diet. We should not hinder our walks at the appropriate time and in suitable weather and we should definitely do the cultural-physical movements that our body allows.

Don't make this mistake!

Acıbadem Dr. Sinasi Can (KadıköyHospital Geriatrics and Internal Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Berrin Karadağ said, “In the light of hearsay information in order to strengthen immunity in the Covid-19 epidemic, excessive amounts of vitamins and supplements have been used in the last year, and the side effects of these unconsciously used vitamins have begun to appear after a certain period of time. We should avoid unconscious use of vitamins without consulting a doctor. " says.

Even if you are vaccinated, do not bend these rules!

Refusing to be vaccinated with some hearsay news in the vaccination studies of the population over 65 is like leaving weapons on the battlefield and being vulnerable. We must use all the means we have and heed the recommendations of the healthcare team. However, after being vaccinated, trust in the vaccine; We should not neglect mask, distance and hygiene, which are very important rules.

Pay attention to your medication!

Due to the presence of multiple illnesses, older people must take medication on time and therefore seek support from family members and caregivers. If they show symptoms such as fever, dry cough, weakness, chest pain and shortness of breath, they should immediately apply to the emergency room without waiting for the picture to get worse. Do not neglect these symptoms!

Most importantly, they must practice hand hygiene to protect both others and themselves from Covid-19 infection.

If you have these symptoms, do not ignore them!

Again, many families think that the elderly at home will not get sick because they do not have close contact with anyone, and therefore some patients are admitted to the hospital later. During this period, when symptoms such as fever, cough or restlessness and mood changes occur in the advanced age group, the diagnosis should be determined by doctors in the hospital environment, not by family members. Studies and observations clearly show that about 40 percent of this population have atypical Covid-19 symptoms such as falls, reduced mobility, weakness and confusion as the main complaint in the community. " says.

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