50 Percent Requirement Removed in Intercity Passenger Transport

Percentage of passenger transport between cities has been lifted
Percentage of passenger transport between cities has been lifted

TOFED President Özcan stated that the 50 percent capacity limit for intercity buses across the country has been lifted, and said, "Food and beverage establishments in terminal and station buildings will also be open 7/24, except for provinces that are in the very high risk group."

Turkey Bus Operators Council of Trustees, President of Turkey Bus Operators Av. Birol Özcan, Turkey Bus Federation Secretary General Mevlüt interested in TOBB Sector Council Chairman Mustafa Yildirim, Council Vice President Tahsin Yücef on March 07, 2021 Date of Interior Minister Suleiman scope of the pandemic in consultation with the noble inter-city bus has been removed transportation restrictions, with 50 percent capacity in transportation. Restaurant and Cafe working hours at the bus stations are determined as 24 hours.

Turkey Bus Operators Chairman Av. Birol Özcan stated that the decision to lift the 50 percent restriction would relieve the bus operators economically and said, “We are very happy with the decision. The sector breathed a little bit. It will prevent possible major economic losses, ”he said.

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