43 Kilograms of Drugs Seized at Kapıkule Customs Gate

Kilograms of drugs seized at the gate of the gate
Kilograms of drugs seized at the gate of the gate

In two drug operations carried out by the Ministry of Commerce Customs Enforcement teams at the Kapıkule Customs Gate, a total of 40,6 kilograms of extasy hidden in a truck's equipment cabinet and 3 kilograms of cannabis hidden in a car's spare tire were seized.

Smuggling and Customs Enforcement Intelligence Directorate of Edirne in the first operation performed during a routine check of the truck came to Kapıkule Customs in order to enter Turkey where the suspicious package was found in the cupboard. Thereupon, the vehicle was sent to the x-ray machine.

Suspicious density was found in the section in question on the X-ray device. In the control with the narcotic detector dog, the detector dog reacted to the black packages in the closet, and these packages were removed from their location and opened. Extasy was found in the analysis of the sample taken from the crystal-looking substance in the packages using the drug test device.

In a comprehensive study on the drug, which weighs 35 kilograms and 40 grams in a total of 680 packages, it was found that the buyers of the drug were waiting at a gas station in the city. Drug smugglers were caught in the operation with the participation of the police units.

In the second operation, this time Customs Enforcement teams suspect was a car coming to Turkey. As a result of the analysis, the vehicle, which was found to be risky, was searched first with an x-ray device and then with a narcotic detector dog. The searches intensified here after the detector dog also reacted to the spare tire in the trunk of the car whose suspicious density was detected in the X-ray scan. During the search, it was understood that 12 packages were stored in the spare tire. Cannabis was determined in the analysis of the substance in the packages. As a result of the work carried out, a total of 3 kilograms of drugs were seized.

While the vehicles used in the transport of a total of 43 kilograms of 680 grams of drugs seized in both incidents were seized, those responsible were detained. The investigation is continuing before the Edirne Anti-Narcotic Crimes Prosecutor's Office.

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