10 Things to Take With You When You Travel

before traveling
before traveling

We all love going on vacation to a distant place. The question "Have I forgotten something?" That occurs in our minds as soon as we set off, always gnaws us. When we forget a very necessary and important item for us, we do not want to regret later. It is extremely important to create lists for such situations. While creating the lists can be arranged according to needs. This arrangement can be done by creating sub-items by listing them as clothes, care products, food. Let's take a look at what we need to take before traveling:

10 Things to Take With You When You Travel

Toothpaste and toothbrush

We can say that it is one of the most important materials among care products. Tooth paste and its brush should always be at our disposal on vacation. If you eat at a place on the long road, you can choose foldable toothbrushes and covers to brush your teeth quickly.


On long journeys, we may not always be able to find a roadside or break point. For this reason, we can keep the beverage we want in the thermos that we have with us and we can meet our needs in a practical way. We can go all the way before our coffee and tea cools down. If there is a place to take a break, you can enjoy tea and coffee in the open air and start again. It is an excellent idea that will make you have a very enjoyable journey.

Suntan cream

Sun creamsIt is very useful especially when going on holiday to a summer place. To be protected from the sun's rays, even to tan when swimming in the sea. kazanYou should not forget sunscreen. The SPF in it will protect your skin from sunburn and harmful UV rays. It is a good idea to have sunscreens produced separately for children and adults in your travel bag.

Portable Charger

One of the most important products on our list is portable chargers. When going on a long journey, especially phones use a lot of charge in navigation use and the battery level is immediately affected. Therefore, before traveling, you will need one in your bag. Powerbank it is useful to take it.

wet wipes

One of the times when wet wipes will be needed the most are long car rides and holidays. It is very difficult for us to find a place to wash our hands every minute. For this reason, tiny wet wipes will do our job. With the wet wipes in the bag, you can clean during the journey without stopping in one place. That's why wet wipes are a savior on long vacation trips.

Razor and Shaving Gel

Let's talk about two products that are very important for men; razor and shaving gel. The quick and easy solution for growing beards and mustaches on holidays is to buy enough razors and gels in our bag before leaving the house. It will be one of the most basic and necessary materials that should be included in the list of things to prepare before going on vacation for people who do not like to shave outside and who care about hygiene.


Would a nice journey ever be without music? An item that you will regret not to take it with you while you are on vacation… Make room in your bag from now on because the road will be more magnificent with pleasant music and it will allow you to get the energy of the day. You can keep your headphones, which you do not take away from you during the day, by purchasing a headphone cover to prevent them from breaking and being damaged.

Prescription drugs

It is the most important thing to keep in your bag when you are on a long journey or on vacation if you have a constant illness and have to take medication. If you wish, you can buy medicine boxes specially made for medicines and separate them with organizers and store them. These boxes, which will not take up much space in your bag, will be very useful.

Travel pillow

Travel pillows are perhaps the most needed item while traveling. Along the way, we may experience stiff neck and then neck pains may begin. It can cause your vacation to go bad and you can not enjoy it. In order to avoid such a situation, it will be beneficial to put a travel pillow in your car beforehand. It is very important for a comfortable journey and sleep.

Electronic Components & Supplies

On vacation, we want to dry, straighten or even curl our hair. In such cases, some part of our bag, hair dryer, hair straightener, tongs and so on. We must wrap the items well and place them. It is important that it is well protected and placed in the bag because we do not want it to be damaged. A separate bag can be prepared for all electronic items that need to be taken before traveling.

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