Chin Filling to Approach the Golden Ratio on the Face

fetal filling to get closer to the golden ratio in the face
fetal filling to get closer to the golden ratio in the face

Dermatology Specialist Dr. Evren Gökeşme gave information on the subject. With the chin filling and chin line filling, it is possible to make the face much more impressive aesthetically and approach the golden ratio. Filling applications are one of the most frequently used methods for aesthetic purposes today. Successful results in face filling applications bring new applications to the applications day by day and progress in the field of non-surgical aesthetics.

When it comes to facial beauty, it is imperative that all aesthetic units on the face are compatible with each other.

Therefore, after a good analysis, it is possible to carry out operations that cannot be understood by the environment but lead to positive results thanks to small but effective touches. At this point, one of our biggest helpers is filling applications. Let's examine the details of chin filling.

Which material is used in chin filling?

As in all other facial filling procedures such as nasal filling, cheek filling, cheek filling, hyaluronic acid derivatives are the material we use most often for the chin tip. Hyaluronic acid is the most commonly used and safest aesthetic filling material in the world.

The fact that there is almost no possibility of causing any allergic reaction in the body and the risks of complications and side effects are almost non-existent are the main factors in the successful use of this product.

Does the chin filler cause any problems after it melts?

Hyaluronic acid derivatives have the ability to be completely dissolved by the body, so when the life of the product expires, it is completely dissolved by the body and removed from the body.

Is chin filling painful and how long does the procedure take?

Jaw tip filling is an extremely painless and comfortable procedure performed under office conditions. Special pain relief creams and cooling anesthesia are applied when necessary. The process takes about 10 minutes and you can continue your normal life without any restrictions after the procedure.

What are the aesthetic applications that can be done in the chin area with face filling?

Many aesthetic procedures such as chin enlargement, chin tip extension, chin tip form change, chin corner clarification, jaw contours, alleviation or correction of chin asymmetries can be performed with filling applications.

Thus, it is possible to provide a proportional facial appearance and look much more attractive without surgery.

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