Targets 30 Percent Growth Schunk Marking the bottom of the Gulf countries to Turkey

Link scheme targeting growth in the face of marking the turkey Gulf countries took
Link scheme targeting growth in the face of marking the turkey Gulf countries took

Schunk, the world leader in the sector, which continued its steady growth in the Middle East the center select base in Turkey aims to produce in Turkey in the long term

Worldwide operates in more than 50 countries and robotic automation equipment, CNC workpiece clamping systems and tool holders Schunk, a world leader in the market, chosen as the base of the Middle East's main growth targets of 2021 percent in 30 in Turkey. aviation, especially the automotive industry, defense industry, offering solutions to numerous industries such as plastic Schunk Turkey, which is critical industries as food and took new year also marks the medical sector. Turkey company that aims to increase its activities in the more general, also plans to focus on the Gulf countries as well as the southern and eastern regions. Its share in the global Schunk Schunk with steady growth increases with each passing day Turkey, aims to be a company that manufactures in Turkey in the long term.

Robotic automation equipment, CNC machine tools and tool holders workpiece clamping systems Schunk, a world leader in the market, an increasing acceleration continued its steady growth in Turkey is targeting a growth of 2021 percent in 30. Schunk describing the Company's objectives for 2021, Turkey and the Middle East Country Manager Emre Sonmez, "Schunk Turkey in the last 5 years the average percentage We provide 30 growth and we showed the Middle East's epicenter in 2015, by the global Schunk Because of this success we have selected. We aim to strengthen our leading position in the industry and maintain our 30 percent growth success this year as well. to increase our dissipated in Turkey in 2021 along with new dealers in our network through the southern and eastern regions as well as the Gulf countries will continue our work to be intensified. We will focus on improving the products and services of our brand, which is the world leader in its field, as we do every year and to provide the most efficient service to our customers for after-sales technical service. increasing our share in the global Schunk Schunk Turkey as we aim to become a company engaged in manufacturing location in Turkey in the long term, "he said.

Branding the food and medical industry

As a company "tool holder and workpiece clamping systems' and 'automation', including two main fields of activity who stated that they serve at Sonmez, the words continued as follows:" mainly in Turkey offer solutions to companies operating in the automotive and supply industry . In addition to our goal of increasing our activities in many sectors such as the aviation and defense industry, we also focus on different sectors. In this context, in 2021, we took the food and medical sector, which are two very critical sectors, to our brand. In addition, we aim to highlight our products for the plastics industry. In addition, we will continue to develop products that will support the production and assembly of battery-packs due to the widespread use of electric vehicles with the effect of increasing mobility with digitalization. ''

Digitalizes its products and services rapidly

Expressing that as Schunk, they have achieved digital transformation very quickly in the COVID-19 pandemic, Emre Sönmez; “We follow technological developments very closely and rapidly digitize our products and services in accordance with the world. At this point; We established the CoLab for our users to develop product applications and to conduct product tests, and the Technical Center (Technical Center) where manufacturers can monitor the machining processes in machining and get information by connecting to the center through a camera system. In addition, we can show our customers similar applications through the 'Digital Application Center' so that they are aware of other applications. At the same time, we regularly organize trainings and keep our customers informed about our innovations. As a company, we will continue to offer high added value to our industrialists by continuing to develop products and solutions in line with the needs and demands of all sectors we serve. ''


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