Domestic Electric Cars TOGG SCT Hike Arrives Before Departure!

domestic electric car togg came before the road otv hike
domestic electric car togg came before the road otv hike

The increase in the SCT of electric vehicles will be reflected in the sticker prices as approximately 40 percent. There will also be an increase in SCT in TOGG and Günsel, domestic electric cars that count days to go on the roads.

The special consumption tax (SCT) applied to electric cars has been changed. According to the new rates published in the Official Gazette, the SCT rates of vehicles with only electric motors were changed.

Accordingly, the SCT rate of electric cars whose engine power does not exceed 85 kWh increased from 3 percent to 10 percent. The SCT rate for electric cars with engine power between 85 kWh and 120 kWh is determined as 25 percent. The SCT rate of the vehicles in this group was 7 percent before the last regulation.

With the changes made, the new SCT rate of electric cars with an engine power exceeding 15 kWh, for which 120 percent SCT was previously applied, was 60 percent.


As the number of electric cars in the luxury segment has the weight of the automobile market in Turkey. Porsche's Taycan model is offered for sale in three different versions. The entry version of the vehicle named 4S produces 390 kW, the middle version named Turbo produces 500 kW and the upper version named Turbo S produces 560 kW.

As the SCT of all Taycan versions increases from 15 percent to 60 percent, the price of the model will increase by about 40 percent. Considering that the price of the Taycan was around 1 million 450 thousand TL last month, it can be concluded that there will be an increase of at least 550 thousand TL in the price of the vehicle.

The power of BMW's iX3 model is stated as 210 kW. The price of the vehicle will be on the road in Turkey since April was announced as 870 thousand.

However, since the new SCT rate of the electric car was determined as 60 percent, the price of the iX3 increased by more than 300 thousand TL before it came to the dealer.

Jaguar's electric SUV model I-Pace's power is also announced as 298 kW. The SCT of this electric car has entered the 60 percent slice like the Taycan.

Therefore, there will be a 40 percent increase in the price of I-Pace.

In recent months, Mercedes-Benz now offers one hundred percent electric models sold in Turkey was announced as the EQC engine power of 300 kW.

This car, like other premium competitors, will enter the 60 percent SCT bracket and experience a 40 percent increase in price.

Another one hundred percent electric car model Mini Electric also sold in Turkey.

Since the engine power of this vehicle was 135 kW, its SCT increased from 15 percent to 60 percent. Therefore, there will be a 40 percent increase in the price of this vehicle.

Renault is among the brands that sell electric cars. The Twizy model of the French brand has a 13 kW motor, while the Zoe model is sold with an 80 kW motor.

Both cars will have a new SCT rate of 10 percent. An increase of 7 percent is expected in the prices of these cars.


According to the report of Yiğitcan Yıldız from Habertürk, the SCT change seems to have affected only imported electric cars at first glance. Development work is ongoing and expected out of the way at the end of 2022. Turkey Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) will produce domestic automakers, will descend from the band's plant in Gemlik SUV body in the first place.

According to the statements made, the rear-wheel drive (RWD) versions of the 200 percent electric SUV developed by TOGG will offer 400 horsepower, while the versions offering all-wheel drive (AWD) will offer XNUMX horsepower.

When we convert horsepower to kW, it is seen that the rear-wheel drive version has 149 kW, and the more powerful version with all-wheel drive has 298 kW.

It can be said that all versions of the domestic automobile will enter the 60 percent SCT segment.

On the other hand, Günsel, the domestic and national car of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is a car that runs on XNUMX percent electricity.

The engine power of the vehicle, which is aimed to be sold at the end of 2021, is announced as 140 kW. Therefore, Günsel has entered the top SCT bracket for electric cars like TOGG.


In Turkey, while there was an increase in taxes of electric cars in the world, the opposite is the case. Especially in Europe, many countries give various incentives to electric cars that produce zero emissions in order to reduce air pollution in cities.

In Norway, which is one of the countries where electric cars are used most intensively in Europe, 25 percent VAT is not applied to electric vehicles. In this way, electric cars with higher production costs can find buyers at similar prices with the internal combustion models in the country.

In Germany, 4 thousand Euros of state support is given for 10% electric car purchases. In addition, vehicle tax is not collected from these vehicles for XNUMX years.

In France, where cars are taxed according to their emission value, state support is given up to 27 percent of the price of electric vehicles. Electric car buyers in the country can benefit from incentives of 8 Euros in total.

In China, the world's largest automobile and electric car market, discounts of between 2 and 400 Euros are applied to electric vehicles. Electric vehicle buyers in the USA receive tax cuts of 3 dollars.

Source: Cumhufriyet

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