World Tourism Meets in Digital Izmir

world tourism meets in digital izmir
world tourism meets in digital izmir

Travel Turkey İzmir Fair opens its doors virtually on February 25th. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will be carried out via a digital platform for the first time this year hosted by Digital Travel Turkey Izmir Fair, the tourism sector in Turkey will go down in history as the first virtual fair.

While all leading sectoral tourism fairs of the world decide to cancel or postpone due to the pandemic, Travel Turkey İzmir will open its doors in digital environment. Hosted by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the intensive work of İZFAŞ and TÜRSAB Fuarcılık A.Ş. It will be held virtually under the name of “Travel Turkey İzmir Digital”. Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ministry and under the auspices of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Commerce, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, TÜRSAB TUROFED and İzmir Foundation will be held with the support of the exhibition, 14-25 February at tourism professionals, representatives of industry and destinations to bring together Turkey's virtual exhibition space.

İzmir will be a sustainable tourism city

While international travels all over the world come to a standstill due to pandemic conditions; Although it was affected by the process, one of the sectors that produced the fastest solution was tourism. Tourism trends all over the world have undergone a rapid change, and the importance of sustainable tourism has become evident in Turkey. A new understanding of tourism has emerged, in which the qualities of destinations are brought to the fore and local riches are transformed into added value. In this context, a city coalition was formed with the foresight of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and including the stakeholders of the tourism sector. As a result of the common mind developed, the Izmir tourism strategy was prepared. The strategy is based on the idea that “many of the concepts, ideas and approaches that shape the world's civilizations are carried from Izmir to the world”. Its main axis is Izmir's history, culture and archeology tourism. Sustainable tourism by preserving the cultural and natural heritage of the city kazanThe strategy, which aims to increase the tourism potential of İzmir and to increase the tourism potential of İzmir, draws an innovative and comprehensive roadmap for İzmir tourism. With the fair, it is aimed to announce this strategy to the whole world. Revealing İzmir's qualified tourism is considered as an opportunity to transform world travel trends into a more boutique, more original and freer perception after the pandemic.

President Soyer: "We will draw the new route of tourism"

Izmir tourism strategy of representing the city plays an important role in the international promotion of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, Turkey's first virtual tourism are related to the exhibition, he said: "On February 25 Travel Turkey Izmir Digital Fair, Izmir and Turkey in 2021 The only digital tourism fair will open its doors for the 14th time. This time the fair will be opened virtually. İZFAŞ prepared a very strong software infrastructure and provided a great advantage for fairs that could not be physically held due to the pandemic. We held the virtual fair for the shoemaking industry for the first time last year. We got positive results with serious participation. This time, a virtual fair will be held for Travel Turkey. Here, a fair will take place where representatives of the sector and travel experts, buyers and sellers meet in a virtual environment.

We came together with all tourism stakeholders in Izmir and put forward a tourism strategy. This tourism strategy also has three basic approaches. History, nature and archeology. We drew our road map through them. Besides the ecological tourism combined mass tourism, we will find another tourist understanding of Turkey and the opportunity to introduce to the world. We are all looking forward to February 25th with great excitement. On February 25 and again all of Turkey will perform an exhibition to inspire the whole world. As the first tourism fair of 2021, we will send greetings from Izmir to the whole world. "

Sweden, the pioneer of ecotourism, is a partner country

Ecotourism, which developed in the 1990s as an alternative to mass tourism and was adopted as the best form of sustainable tourism, is seen as an important tool in ensuring sustainable development in the face of the destructions of uncontrolled mass tourism on the environment and society. Scandinavian countries lead the world tourism trends with good practices in sustainable tourism and ecotourism. The gateway to the world of tourism sector in Turkey Travel Turkey Izmir, has strengthened its relations with the Scandinavian countries in this direction. Sweden, the pioneer of ecotourism, will participate in the 14th Travel Turkey Izmir Digital Fair as a partner country. This participation, which will strengthen diplomatic relations and business partnerships, will also introduce the ecotourism trends in Sweden to the Turkish tourism industry.

Everything about tourism is at this fair

Webinar events will be organized in virtual environment within the scope of the fair. Participating countries presentations, sustainable tourism, travel technology, camping and caravan tourism, issues such as alternative tourism destinations in Turkey will be discussed by travel professionals and industry experts. In addition, MICE which is the umbrella organization of conventions and events tourism (MPI - Meeting Professionals International) activity, CORAL tourism, SKAL International presentation, Ukraine Tourism Development State Agency, Germany Travel Agents Association of Turkey Travel Agencies Association President and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer ' T10 Initiative - Round Table, which will be organized with the participation of, will increase the value of the fair in the international arena. Besides the activities; Buyers from all over the world will visit the fair with a single click, create an appointment with all participants on the platform and provide B2B meetings with video. Patara, declared as the tourism theme of 2020 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, will also be the theme of Travel Turkey Izmir Digital Fair. The fair will reinforce the initiative of the Ministry and contribute to the international promotion of Patara Ancient City. Izmir Streets, which was organized for the first time last year and attracted great attention; Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, district municipalities and city stakeholders will take their place in the virtual platform with their unique themes. In the Izmir Streets area where tourism activities in Izmir are highlighted; Izmir's historical, cultural and gastronomic values ​​will meet with its visitors.

A new era in fair organization has started with "Digital İzmir Fair"

Since its establishment, offering alternative solutions to until the exhibition sector professionals today İZFAŞ, Turkey's virtual exhibition area "Digital Izmir Fair" with Turkey's largest and most modern exhibition center fuarizmir digital platform vehicles. The virtual platform adapts commercial activities to the changing time and space perception with a user-friendly interface that responds to the needs of the industry. Digital İzmir Fair offers many opportunities to its users at the same time with its easy, flexible, reliable and innovative nature. Users can easily access exhibitors, products and services by registering for free and entering the platform. Participants, on the other hand, create their own stands with detailed control panels and organize content such as services, catalogs, videos; expands its commercial networks with the customer matching system.

14. Travel Turkey İzmir Digital Fair between 25-27 February “ can be followed online at ”.

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