OTSO President Şahin: 'We Are Insistent on the Railway Project'

we are insistent on the otso president sahin railway project
we are insistent on the otso president sahin railway project

Servet Şahin, President of Ordu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OTSO), emphasized that the railway is important for the development of both Ordu and the region and said, "We are insistent on the railway."

Emphasizing that they continue to increase their efforts to bring the railway project to Ordu Giresun, Şahin stated that they will continue to insist on bringing this investment to the region. "Our region will definitely gain new gains by rail," Şahin said. For this reason, we need to act together for this project and bring it to our province and region. The army has to make an effort to get the investments it deserves, ”he said.

Stating that the realization of a railway project extending from Samsun to Sarp will provide a strategic, economic and social advantage to the region and will pave the way for employment, Şahin continued: “The railway project in the Black Sea will cause the emergence of new sectors and increase new commercial relations. . When the railway transportation is completed, maritime transportation will definitely increase in Ordu and the region. We will use the seaways together with the construction of railways. "

Şahin gave the following views in his statement: “With the railway, we will be able to market the products we produce more easily. We produce one-third of the nuts in our province, Turkey, a significant amount, honey, kiwi fruit we produce. It will provide an advantage in terms of marketing and transportation of our railway products to be brought to our region, will make you smile, and will develop our region economically. It should be accepted that rail transportation is cheaper, economical and comfortable than other means of transportation. When the Black Sea Mediterranean road is completed, our province and our region will need this road more. Railway is an important project for our city and region. We must do our best to win this project. "

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