V-Block Technology Effective Against Viruses and Bacteria Comes To Life With Paşabahçe

Effective against viruses and bacteria, v block technology comes to life with pasabahce
Effective against viruses and bacteria, v block technology comes to life with pasabahce

V-Block, the special coating technology developed by Şişecam that neutralizes viruses and bacteria on glass surfaces, comes to life with Paşabahçe, the leading brand of glassware.

Glassware products with V-Block Technology, which provides maximum hygiene and protection, provide ultra hygiene for those who want to protect their loved ones against viruses and bacteria thanks to their special formula and application technique effective against many different viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus.

Paşabahçe continues to make a difference in the lives of consumers with its products that add value to life. The 100% domestic V-Block Technology, which is effective against viruses and bacteria on glass surfaces, developed by Şişecam, a global player in all basic areas of glass and business lines covering soda and chrome compounds, comes to life with Paşabahçe products, Şişecam's leading brand in glassware.

Paşabahçe's V-Block product line includes soft drinks, water, tea cups; It consists of many different products such as tea plates, handled cups and bowls. Combining the naturalness and purity of glass with an innovative hygiene technology, the V-Block product series gives priority to health and appeals to the eye with its designs. Products that provide maximum hygiene and protection offer great comfort to consumers who want to protect their families from viruses and bacteria.

During the pandemic period, it is aimed that glassware products with V-Block Technology, which will put an end to contamination concerns through glassware products at home, hotel, restaurant, wherever you come into life, will significantly contribute to the fight against the global epidemic. Paşabahçe's ultra-hygienic products with V-Block Technology are the world's first antimicrobial-coated glassware product group.

V-Block glassware products produced in Turkey and Technology retail outlets, hotels, restaurants and cafes will take their places. Thanks to the V-Block Technology applied to Paşabahçe's popular product lines such as Iconic, Allegra, Aiada, Casablanca and Timeless, the worry in kitchens will be reduced. In February, which will meet with clients in Turkey V- overseas sales of products to the Block starts.

V-Block Technology, developed at Şişecam Science Technology and Design Center, provides 7/24 hygiene thanks to its special formula and application technique. This special formula, which is applied during production, remains active throughout its lifetime and draws attention as it is ideal for environments with high risk of contamination such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, dining halls as well as home use. Paşabahçe V-Block product series, which can be used safely and provides 7/24 hygiene, will be indispensable for businesses and homes.

The surfaces of glassware products coated with antimicrobial V-Block Technology are 90-99,5 percent effective on viruses and bacteria tested, and 19 percent effective on Covid-2 (SARS-COV94,1) virus. Paşabahçe products, which are produced with V-Block Technology, tested by accredited laboratories and approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, solve the hygiene problem in the use of glasses at home and outside the home. Paşabahçe V-Block products, which are suitable for washing in the dishwasher and have a special coating that is extremely resistant to scratches, offer solutions to eliminate the concerns of all consumers and businesses in need of ultra hygiene during the pandemic period.

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