Ünye Bicycle Road Moves Fast

unye bike path progresses fast
unye bike path progresses fast

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented alternative transportation routes throughout the province, continues to work on the Bicycle and Walkway Project, which it started in Ünye district.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which wants to create a healthy city profile and spread sports activities in the city, will offer alternative transportation routes to citizens of all ages with the Bicycle and Walkway Project, which is under construction on the 5-kilometer route located on the coast of Ünye district.


Making a statement within the scope of the project, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Coşkun Alp said that a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly project will be brought to the city.

Secretary General Alp continued his words as follows:

“Our teams continue to work on cycling and walking tracks on the route between Çamlık and bus terminal. In the project; stone wall and fortification manufacturing, irrigation and power line, concrete casting and border laying works have been completed. Then our teams started the installation of lighting poles and landscaping. Concrete road works continue from Tabakhane Stream to pier direction. As the weather conditions become suitable for asphalt casting, the work will be completed on the route, which is 5 kilometers away. I hope we will complete the remaining works and implement a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly project in our city. "


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