Union of People Without Barriers Öztaşı İş

union of those who know no disabilities
union of those who know no disabilities

Öztaşıma İş Union Istanbul Provincial Chairman Yasin Sevgili said, "We look forward to the future with disabled employees, and they stand by our members as a solution partner in every problem."

Mayor Dear, our disabled employees should not be employed in jobs other than those stipulated by the law, and all kinds of legal discounts and supports provided to them by our state should be fully delivered and utilized, as well as the health care necessary for the continuity of the auxiliary equipment they need as well as their treatment for disability situations. We provide information support in all kinds of legal business processes up to the renewal of the board reports.

We consult with the employer on behalf of our members and solve the deficiencies such as the disabled ramp elevator and medical response team ambulance. Saying that we organize activities that support their motivation in social projects by giving them appropriate tasks within the union organization, Yasin Dear, every individual is a candidate for disability, I invite all disabled employees to become a member of the trace union Self Transport Work Union, which is active in the transport business line No. expressions used.

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