TAI Manufactures Satellite Structures in Three Dimensional Printers

was able to produce key satellite structures on three-dimensional printers
was able to produce key satellite structures on three-dimensional printers

Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) broke new ground in the national aviation and space ecosystem. Additive Manufacturing Technology for the first time in Turkey based on the structural component of the satellite hardware design using three-dimensional printer, analysis, qualification and manufacturing processes, along with proficiency testing has been completed.

Producing mission-critical space structural parts with the Additive Manufacturing Method, which is based on the development of three-dimensional parts by melting metal, ceramic and polymer components layer by layer, as opposed to machining, TUSAŞ has incorporated a new advanced technology into its body. kazannagged. 30% weight in developed parts with advanced structural optimization software kazanwas provided. It is aimed to use the parts successfully completed in the Space Systems Integration and Test Center (USET), a part of TAI, in high-tech communication satellites.

Starting from the raw material stage in the Additive Manufacturing Technology Center facilities established by TAI with the vision of a national center of excellence; Turkey's largest size titanium and aluminum alloy strategic aviation and space parts will be produced. In addition, with the projects carried out in partnership with the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) and the Production Technologies Center of Excellence (ÜRTEMM A.Ş.), two different three-dimensional printers with high energy origin will be developed nationally and locally, and high-tech production capabilities will be brought to our country. kazanwill be raised.

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