Intensive Work in Türkmenbaşı Boulevard Highway Links

Intensive work in turkmenbasi boulevard highway connections
Intensive work in turkmenbasi boulevard highway connections

Asphalting works are carried out at the points where the infrastructure and foundation works are completed at the Türkmenbaşı-TAG Highway junction, which will relieve Adana traffic relatively.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality continues asphalt and road works all over the city. Türkmenbaşı Boulevard TAG Motorway connection roads in the direction of Mersin, ground improvements, sub-foundation works have been completed and asphalting operations have started. The works in the direction of Gaziantep for the highway connection will start as soon as possible.

Completing the soil improvement sub-base-foundation works of Türkmenbaşı intersection and TAG Highway connections, which have an important place in the city connection of the Northern Adana region, the teams of the Directorate of Road Affairs of the Department of Technical Affairs have started the asphalting works in the direction of Mersin.


The teams that perform the first stage asphalt of the connection road in the direction of Mersin will make 4-stage asphalt work in the region.

The teams, which also carried out ground improvement and infrastructure works in the direction of Osmaniye, stated that when the works are completed, the vehicle traffic of North and South Adana will be relieved. Türkmenbaşı region, where asphalting works are carried out in highways standards, has an important place in Adana traffic in the entrance and exit of the highway in the direction of Mersin and Osmaniye.

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