Turkey's First 'Climate Street' Will Be in Bursa

turkiyenin will be the first climate sokagi bursada
turkiyenin will be the first climate sokagi bursada

European Mayors to combat climate change Convention (Convenanten of Mayor) participation in providing, which develops strategies to become more resistant to Bursa climate change Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, sulfurous Street Turkey's first 'will transform the climate Street. Within the scope of the project, Kükürtlü Street will be made more environmentally friendly in all aspects from infrastructure to transportation and lighting with rapid recovery projects.

international context of the fight against climate change, nationally and in developing local policies, exemplary embodiments of the steps taken in this regard to realize Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the Netherlands, Germany, found examples in Finland and Denmark 'Climate Street' project is the first municipality to realize in Turkey. Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa Technical University, Uludağ University, Bursa City Council, BEBKA Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency, Chamber of Environmental Engineers, Chamber of Landscape Architects, DOĞADER, Limak Uludağ Chamber of Electricity and Urban Planners also provides support.

Environmental transformation in Kükürtlü

The second workshop of the first phase of the 'Climate Street Rapid Gain Project', which is an important step in the journey of Bursa's transformation into a sustainable and smart city and consists of 2 phases, was held at the Metropolitan Municipality Council Hall. At the meeting attended by all stakeholders of the project, Cüneyt Taşkesen, Head of the Metropolitan Municipality Smart Urbanism and Innovation Department, Fatih İnkaya, Smart Urbanization Branch Manager, and the street where the project will be implemented was determined. In the first workshop, 28 streets from Cumhuriyet Avenue to Ünlü Street, from Özlüce to FSM Boulevard were discussed one by one in terms of the applicability of the project. In the evaluation made, Kükürtlü Street was determined as the area where rapid recovery projects can be implemented. The project will be implemented in the 900-meter section of Kükürtlü Street, which is similar to the examples in Europe with its residential and commercial areas, between Dünya Göz Hospital and Kükürtlü Mosque. While Berrin Benli and Melih Gezer from Novusens company made the presentation of the project, which of the different rapid recovery projects such as carbon emission measurement, solar energy use, smart meters, LED lighting systems, garbage collection / recycling, sustainable mobility and spatial planning were the fastest on Kükürtlü Avenue discussed how to apply. The work on the second phase, in which the residents of the street and the citizens using this street will contribute, is planned to start in March.

We take care of the trust

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that a healthy environment is their most important priority and that they have implemented all kinds of activities for cleaner water, air and soil. Stating that they do not make any concessions on environmental and infrastructure investments despite being very costly, President Aktaş said, “We look at the resources we have as an inheritance from the new generation, not from our ancestors. We do not avoid any investment in order to protect this trust in the best way. Combating climate change is very important for protecting natural resources and carrying them into the future. Our Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Change Action Plan is ready in this regard. We participated in BEBKA's Technical Assistance Project on 'Capacity Building on Sustainable Energy and Climate Change'. Our investments continue at the point of ensuring the best energy efficiency and tending towards clean energy resources. Our Climate Street Project is a study that we aim to raise awareness on this issue. The project, in which the residents of the region will take part in person, is also very important in terms of being the first in our country ”.


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