Turkish Cargo, Turkey's exports to the Value Added Continues

turkish cargo turkiyenin value added to exports continues
turkish cargo turkiyenin value added to exports continues

establishing international cargo flight having the world's most powerful trading network and the intercontinental bridges Turkish Cargo exports to Turkey with this power makes a significant contribution. The flag carrier air cargo company delivers its products produced with a thousand labor to more than 100 countries and more than 300 destinations all over Anatolia.

All medical equipment that processes the pandemic as well as commercial products the world needs, carefully carrying drugs and vaccines with the successful performance of Turkey's total exports was revealed that Turkish Cargo has a significant share. Air cargo brands, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), Turkey's exports to support the mobilization continued cooperation in this difficult period. between TIM and Turkish Cargo Under an agreement in December 2020, the Turkish exporters in terms of strategic importance to 28 destinations to 50 thousand tons of additional capacity and making discounts of up to 30 percent of Turkey's exports mobilization have contributed substantially.

According to the December reports of the campaign, while the amount of cargo transported in the relevant lines of the export market increased by 47 percent, much higher than planned, high value-added products were exported to approximately 400 million dollars. It was decided to expand the scope of this valuable campaign, which has a high added value for Turkish exporters, and continue it until the end of March.

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