Turkey was shown as one of the game Sector Initiative Area Favorite

turkey games sector was one of the most eye as shown in the input field
turkey games sector was one of the most eye as shown in the input field

According to 2021 data Startup.watch shared by Turkey Ecosystem Initiative in 2020, 165 startups received $ 139 million investment. With an investment of 139 million dollars, the largest amount in the enterprise ecosystem in our country was reached. According to the data, most new initiatives in 2019 and established in Turkey in 2020, industry was the gaming industry. 141 games the last two years in Turkey initiative, which was established at the moment.

The contribution of the gaming industry to the economy will continue to increase

Drawing attention to the state support given to entrepreneurs in the field of gaming, Mesut Şenel, Founder of IFASTURK Education, R&D and Support, said, “The gaming industry is the shining star of our country. We provide a wide range of contributions to entrepreneurs in this ecosystem, from company establishment to government support, from financial consultancy to R&D support and export support consultancy. We also support new entrepreneurs with our free training. The share of the gaming industry in the country's economy will continue to increase rapidly. " gave the information.

165 million dollars investment in 139 new ventures

Turkey, in 2020 was among the countries that made over $ 100 million investment. Of the $ 2020 million investment received by 165 new startups established in 139, $ 78 million was made to those who commercially moved their venture abroad.

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