Toyota Finance Campaign Continues

toyota finance campaign continues in february
toyota finance campaign continues in february

Toyota's campaign full of great financial advantages continues in February. All 2021 model Corolla and C-HR models and all 2020 model Corolla, C-HR, Corolla Hatchback and Yaris models will be available under Toyota Finans and through contracted banks with a maturity of 100 thousand TL 12 months and a financing rate of 0,99 percent. In addition, the 2020 model year Toyota RAV4 model will be offered for sale with a financing rate of 200 percent for 12 months of 0.99 thousand TL.

The campaign, where advantageous prices continued in February; Toyota Corolla 2020 gasoline models from 191.000 TL, Corolla 2021 gasoline models from 203.600 TL, Corolla Hybrid 2020 models from 314,700 TL, Corolla Hybrid 2021 models from 329.150 TL, New Corolla Hatchback from 228,750 TL, New Corolla Hatchback Hybrid will be included with prices starting from 337.200 TL.

Toyota produced in Turkey

The C-HR Hybrid 2020 models will be available for sale starting from 314.150 TL and the C-HR Hybrid 2021 models from 346.650 TL. The new Yaris will take its place in all Toyota plazas with prices starting from 209.200 TL and the New Yaris Hybrid from 299.300 TL. The Flame version of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, which gives its segment its name, will be on sale at a price of 607.850 TL.

In addition to these very advantageous prices, those who want to take advantage of Toyota's February campaign with financing rates starting from 0,99 percent and maturity options varying between 24-36 months that can be shaped according to every budget and those who want to change their old vehicles and buy a new Toyota There is also the possibility of “barter”.

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