Ministry of Culture and Tourism to Recruit 47 Contracted Personnel

culture and Tourism Ministry
culture and Tourism Ministry

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is recruiting 47 Contracted Personnel on the condition that it is based on the KPSS (B) group score ranking.

Annex 657 of the Principles Regarding the Employment of Contracted Personnel put into effect by the Council of Ministers Decree no 4/6 and dated 6/1978/7 in accordance with the paragraph B of Article 15754 of the Civil Servants Law No.8, in order to work in the following units by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Within the scope of the article th article, contracted artists in the following branches and numbers will be recruited to work until 31/12/2021. After this date, with those whose circumstances are appropriate; A new contract can be made according to the need, success, discipline status and the evaluation to be made by the Ministry.

  • 11 Presidential Symphony Orchestra
  • 21 Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra,
  • 8 Ankara State Polyphonic Music Choir,
  • 1 Presidential Classical Turkish Music Choir,
  • 2 Ankara State Classical Turkish Music Choir,
  • 1 Ankara Turkish World Music Ensemble,
  • 1 Istanbul State Turkish Music Research and Application Ensemble,
  • 1 Istanbul Historical Turkish Music Ensemble,
  • 1 Konya Turkish Sufi Music Ensemble.

Application deadline February 15 2021 They must apply by 23:00 on Monday. It is not the responsibility of the institution if the applications do not reach the institution due to problems arising from e-mail delivery delays after the deadline.

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