Legumes, the Golden Key to Sustainable Nutrition

Legumes, the golden key to sustainable nutrition
Legumes, the golden key to sustainable nutrition

Stating that more sustainable and nutritious foods should be included in the diet in order to create a healthier world, Duru Bulgur Chairman of the Board Emin Duru said, “We tend to product diversity in pulses and bulgur by protecting the local seeds of Anatolia; "We lay the foundations of healthy and sustainable nutrition and work for a healthy future."

According to the World Food Security and Nutrition Status 2018 report, 821 million people in the world are hungry, meaning 9 out of every 1 people are starving. According to the United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 2050 million people in the world will have to cope with hunger in 300. On the recommendation of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the second of the Sustainable Development Goals, with reference to the goal of "Ending Hunger", 10 February was declared as World Pulse Day and its theme was determined as "Nutritious Seeds for a Sustainable Future". Around the same theme this year, World Pulses Day emphasizes the high level of nutritional value, health benefits, promoting sustainable agriculture and reducing the effects of climate change.

Consumer's interest in practical boiled legumes is increasing

Making a statement on the occasion of World Pulses Day, Duru Bulgur Chairman of the Board Emin Duru drew attention to the importance of protecting our seeds and agriculture for sustainable nutrition and food security. Emin Duru said, “We are turning to products with higher nutritional, taste and quality in pulses and bulgur. We obtain our agricultural raw materials from sustainable sources to produce nutritious resources that can help eliminate hunger and poverty in the world. "We lay the foundations of a healthy and sustainable diet and work for a healthy future."

Reminding that countries with seeds manage a healthy future, Duru said, “We protect our domestic seeds. We focus on product diversity in pulses and bulgur by giving importance to R&D studies. After two years of intensive R&D, we introduced our practical boiled pulses products to our consumers last year. This product group has been in great demand, especially during the social isolation period, with its flavor, practicality and variety. We boil the most delicious legumes we have selected carefully and offer them to our consumers in a healthy package. Many recipes from salads to appetizers, from rice to soups can be prepared in a practical way with our products consisting only of dried legumes, water and salt ”.

The 2-year-old Ahmet Wheat is reintroduced to the agricultural industry. kazanwhining

With the cooperation of Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey University – Duru Bulgur, Anatolia's 2-year-old Ahmet Wheat is reintroduced to industry. kazanwill be raised. Stating that this R&D project is nearing the end, Emin Duru said, “The most important condition for a country to become a brand in agricultural products is to grow domestic agricultural products with superior quality characteristics. Anatolia is a gem in terms of delicious and nutritious foods. We believe that increasing the quality of wheat used in bulgur production with traditional methods will positively affect both bulgur quality and product yield and diversity.”

Turkey's barren lands to the country's agriculture kazanwill be called

Emin Duru, who also drew attention to the right agricultural practices, said, “In Turkey, the barren lands are cultivated and contribute to the economy. kazanIt's very important to get out. Within the scope of the project we carry out with the cooperation of University-Industry, we improve the quality of hard durum wheat with traditional methods by using old Anatolian wheats, whose cultivation has decreased very much in our country. We are working hard to strengthen the country's economy and increase the share of domestic production, we are working for a healthy and sustainable future by protecting our seeds and agriculture.

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