Sultan Abdülhamid Street Will Be One Of Konya's Important Connection Roads

Sultan Abdulhamid Street Will Be One Of The Important Connection Roads Of Konya
Sultan Abdulhamid Street Will Be One Of The Important Connection Roads Of Konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay stated that they continue to open alternative streets in order to relieve the traffic throughout the city and in this context, Sultan Abdülhamid Street, which is under construction, will be one of the important connection roads of Konya.

Noting that Sultan Abdülhamid Han Street will provide the connection between Beyşehir Ring Road and Fırat Street, Mayor Altay said that they expect the traffic load of Istanbul Road to decrease significantly with the completion and opening of the street.

Mayor Altay also shared information about the works between Semavi Caddesi and Beyhekim Junction, which is the first stage on the road, and said, “The pavement and asphalt works have been completed in the part between Semavi Caddesi and Gulumser Street. We plan to open this section to traffic after the arrangements in the intersection crossings and the completion of the culvert to be built on the Keçili Canal. On the other hand, the excavation and filling works will be completed in the part between the Gulumser Street and the Beyhekim Junction and the asphalt and pavement productions will be completed depending on the weather conditions with the completion of the infrastructure works. We plan to open the area between İsmail Kaya Street and Beyhekim Junction to traffic in a short time if all these procedures are completed and the weather conditions are suitable. said.

Sultan Abdülhamid Han Street, which will have a total length of 14.5 kilometers with its bicycle path, sidewalks, median and asphalt, and a vehicle road width of 20 meters, will cost 68 million lira excluding expropriation and infrastructure investments.

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