Social Media Law Will Prevent Cyber ​​Bullying

social media law will overtake cyberbullying
social media law will overtake cyberbullying

Cyberbullying poses a serious threat to internet users all over the world. Noting that the increase in the use of internet and social media throughout the world during the pandemic process paved the way for cyberbullying, Lawyer Murat Aydar said, “According to the research data shared by BroadbandSearch, 36,5% of social media users stated that they were exposed to cyberbullying, while this ratio was 87% for young users. was seen to be out When looking at the platforms where users are most exposed to cyberbullying, Instagram ranked first with 42%. Facebook with 37%, Snapchat 31%, WhatsApp with 12%, and 10%. Youtube and Twitter followed with 9%. The past in October 2020, which entered into force in Turkey Social Media Law with more than 1 million users of the social network providers to bring their representation assignment requirement is considered as an important step in curbing the cyberbullying. " said.

Owners of criminal posts are now aware that they can be found

Stating that those who make criminal posts can now be easily identified with their IP addresses, Lawyer Murat Aydar said, “The issue we have suffered the most in the past years is that insults on social media cannot be found at the prosecution stage due to the fact that social media sites do not share IP with Turkish authorities for insult crime and therefore, It was unpunished. At this point, social media sites to prevent cyberbullying by opening offices in Turkey and I can say that slow bit slow. Because now, people will know that they can be found and punished when comments / content that includes insults, etc., on social media. " used the expressions.

More than 1 criminal complaints were filed in just 200 month

Referring to the fact that cyberbullying causes problems such as anxiety and depression poses a serious threat to young people, Lawyer Murat Aydar said, “Under the law, Facebook Inc., the umbrella organization of Instagram and Facebook. and TikTok, Turkey in the office while opening previously only began to share IP for child sexual abuse and acts considered as a crime in Turkey themselves agreed that social media sites are sharing an IP address with the Turkish authorities about terrorist crimes and since 2021. Considering that 95% of young people worldwide use the internet and 85% of them are social media users, it is possible to say that this sanction is a very important step in the fight against cyberbullying. So much so that we have complained to the prosecutor's office for all insults against client content producers in the past month. We filed a total of more than 1 criminal complaints within a month. " he spoke.

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