Cyber ​​Security Has Now Turned into a Digital Battlefield for Countries and Institutions

cyber security has now turned into a digital battleground for countries and institutions
cyber security has now turned into a digital battleground for countries and institutions

The rapid expansion of digitalization also increases the need for cyber security all over the world. Cyber ​​security, which means protecting computer networks, devices and data on these devices against unauthorized access and attacks, is vital for billions of devices and users connected to the Internet. It is seen that many countries in the world are taking action against cyber security vulnerabilities that can have serious consequences, especially financial and moral losses. land by NATO's cyber security, sea, pointed out that the air and described as the fifth harbor area after space domestic cyber security company Berqnet Firewall General Manager Hakan Hintoğl was found in the evaluation of the cybersecurity ecosystem in Turkey.

Hintoğlu said, “Cyber ​​security has now turned into a digital battleground for countries and institutions. It is an undeniable fact that human health, privacy, commercial and economic growth, and national security are under great threat in an environment where there is no cyber security. In this context, it would not be wrong to say that our national cyber security is as strong as the number of domestic companies that develop technologies in this field. The dominance of domestic and national solutions in the market kazanIt is very important that there are incentives on both the production and consumption side and the activities for human resource development increase.” said.

"Turkey cyber security market, up to one quarter of the volume should be"

Cyber ​​security in Turkey, indicating that the market has a volume of approximately $ 300 million Hakan Hintoğl "This level corresponds to the services with software and hardware solutions. 90% of the market excluding services is dominated by foreign products. Domestic investment is more needed as the market is only one quarter of the volume it should be. When we look at the countries that are the locomotives of the world cyber security market, we see that they have formed a large ecosystem with a large number of companies and a wide range of solutions. used the expressions.

Hintoğl is carried out on the establishment in our country of a similar ecosystem studies also highlighted: "Founded in cyber development of security technology and 2017 in order to compete with the world Turkey I attach great importance to the activities of the Cyber ​​Security Cluster. President of Republic of Turkey prepared by the Office of the Information and Communication Security Digital Conversion Guidelines also believe that this is a very seminal work. The first of the 12 main goals in the guide is encouraging the use of domestic and national cyber security products, paving the way for production in this field. Even this goal alone is very important. I fully believe that with the support of the public authority and the contributions of large institutions, entrepreneurs and NGOs, we will get rid of external dependency in cyber security. "

"As a global player, we aim to contribute to the national economy"

Touching on the important steps they have taken to reduce foreign dependency in the field of cyber security, Hakan Hintoğlu said, “Since 2015, we have been working with the Berqnet Firewall product family to meet the cyber security, legal compliance and internet management needs of businesses. Since we are an institution that was born and grew up in these lands, we see it as a debt of our country to build a capacity that exports cyber security. In this context, our overseas sales started in our nearby geography, and this has become an important part of our sustainable growth strategy. We are currently conducting infrastructure works in countries we choose from Europe and Central Asia. We aim to generate one third of our revenues from abroad within 5 years. Our primary goal is to be an important cyber security player in the Commonwealth of Independent States, including countries such as Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, and in the Eastern and Western European countries we have selected. In the medium term, we will take our place in large markets on different continents. Our main goal is to be a global cyber security player and to contribute more to our country's economy and technology development ecosystem. " he spoke.

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