7 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

tuyo for healthy weight loss
tuyo for healthy weight loss

Dietician Ferdi Öztürk gave important information about the subject. Our mistake as a society is to see the weight problem as an aesthetic problem. The truth is to see your excess weight as a problem that threatens your health. The important thing is to apply the healthy nutrition program you will apply for the rest of your life.

1. have breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Especially those who want to lose weight should start the day with breakfast. You can have breakfast with exemplary protein eggs, whole grain bread, olives and greens rich in pulp. For those who are bored with the classic breakfast, you can choose a breakfast in the form of yoghurt and oats.

2. Choose healthy oils

Contrary to popular belief, fats do not gain weight. If we choose healthy fat, we will achieve better fat loss. Fats are very important in the absorption of vitamins in the body and indirectly in a healthy weight loss. The oils we can get from healthy nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds are important. Olive oil should be preferred as the oil we add to the meals.

Eat protein

I don't mean going on a protein diet. In the daily healthy nutrition table, 15-20% of the energy coming from foods is provided from the protein group. Milk, eggs, chicken breast, cheese, meat, legumes groups, which are quality protein sources, should be added to our diet. Protein foods have a low glycemic index and prevent you from getting hungry by providing long-term satiety. It also increases muscle mass and supports faster and higher quality fat burning.

4.Eat vegetables in the evening

Vegetables are from the low calorie food group. In addition, they are foods that are high in pulp, friendly to the gut, keep them full and do not tire the stomach. Vegetables consumed at dinner are easier to digest than the meat group. Consuming vegetables at dinner directly helps the person to lose weight.


Exercise directly contributes to weight loss, reduces fat cells and increases muscle volume. In addition, it makes the person feel good both physically and mentally. Slimming is that calories burned are more than calories taken. The more calorie deficit we create, the better we will lose weight with exercise.

6. Drinking water to lose weight

Water is the most important resource for the body. It would not be possible without water for the digestion of nutrients, for circulation and proper disposal of waste from the body. If you feel hungry sometimes, let's drink water and wait a little. If the feeling of hunger disappears, it means that you are thirsty, not hunger. Water is required for fat burning in the body. If you are losing weight without drinking water, if you notice that your skin is pale and your under eye is collapsed, this is not healthy slimming.

7. Make sure you sleep

Those who sleep less or are under stress often gain weight. Insufficient sleep causes a decrease in the level of leptin, which sends a signal of satiety. It increases the level of hunger hormone. In addition, insomnia increases cortisone hormone levels and increases appetite. In short, sleeping too little or a sleep disorder upset the hormonal balance and causes the person to be unable to manage appetite.

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