PlayStation 5 current prices have been announced

playstation's current prices have been announced
playstation's current prices have been announced

The current price of the PlayStation 50, whose additional customs tax rate fell from 20 percent to 5 percent, has been announced. The digital version of the console will be sold for 5 thousand 999 TL, and the version with Blu-ray reader will be sold for 7 thousand 499 TL.

With the Kovid-19 pandemic, the rate of exorbitant additional customs tax of 2020 percent, which was brought to game consoles in 1 with the Presidential Decree and announced to decrease on October 50, could only fall to 1 percent on January 2021, 20.

Blu-ray standard multithreaded version 19 thousand 8 TL in Turkey on November 299 from the PlayStation sold 5 (PS 5) of the tax rates expected to be affected by this decline.

The current official sales prices of the console have been announced. editor Emin Çıtak shared his current price information on his Twitter account. Accordingly, the PlayStation 5 with the Blu-ray reader will be sold at a discount of 800 TL for 7 thousand 499 TL. The recommended selling price of the PlayStation 5 Digital version without a Blu-ray reader is 5 thousand 999 TL.

It is worth underlining that these are the recommended sales prices because the prices of the consoles, which are few in the market, can increase in a short time due to the production shortage that Sony based on the pandemic justification. The first batch, which was put up for sale on November 19, was quickly exhausted, and advertisements were opened on second-hand sales websites at prices as low as 11-12 thousand TL.

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