PKK Operations Coup

pkkya eren operations coup
pkkya eren operations coup

While the winter base of the terrorist organization PKK was destroyed in the Eren Operations, which were carried out in 10 different regions under the coordination of the Ministry of Interior, the logistics structure of the organization was also hit hard.

Eren Operations, which were launched in memory of Eren Bülbül, who was martyred by the separatist terrorist organization, continue successfully. During the Eren operations, which included Gendarmerie Special Operations (JÖH), gendarmerie commando, Police Special Operations (PÖH) and security guards, the organization's winter base was hit hard.

Caves and Shelters of the Organization Destroyed

In operations where 285 caves, shelters and warehouses were destroyed; 1 flamethrower, 4 machine guns, 4 snipers, 22 infantry rifles, 5 pistols, 9 shotguns, 36 grenades, 27 hand-made explosives (IEDs), 201 kg of explosives, 10.250 ammunition for weapons of various sizes and types, Numerous organizational documents, medical and vital food supplies and 439 kg of cannabis were seized.

Operations Continue in 10 Regions

By the Ministry of Interior, Tendürek, Lice, Mount Ararat, Karlıova-Varto, Bagok, Mergelo, Mercan-Munzur, Amanoslar, Kazan Eren operations, which were launched in 10 different regions, including the Valley and Gabar regions, continue.

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