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boss out professional husband
boss out professional husband

EGİAD Aegean Young Business People Association, used in the business world to discuss the best coaching practices "Change the manager of Coaching" and organized a webinar event, brought together with members of the ICF Turkey authorities. In the event, the experiences realized throughout the organization on increasing the efficiency in institutions by increasing the leadership potential, changing the perspectives and improving the skills were shared. "Coaching Change Manage entitled" International Professional Coaching Association meeting in Turkey Aegean Region Representative of the ICF and ICF officials Serdar Cakir Wish Yun Samsun, Ilkay students, Serkut Kızanlıkl showed participation.

Reaching the number of members in more than 40 thousand in the world and maintain its global leadership of the coaching profession International Coach Federation, ICF is a branch of the global within the organization was the speaker of the ICF Turkey officials "professional coaching in the world and Turkey," "The power and influence of coaching in the management of change", "Solidarity Titles like ”,“ Durability ”,“ Balance ”and“ Transformation ”were discussed. Making the opening speech of the meeting EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that we are in a new era in which change is experienced and pointed out that it has become imperative for managers to turn into coaches in this process. employees have also had to constantly improve and change themselves in order to keep up with the times. Today's business world and management approach; importance of developing, supporting and guiding competencies rather than directing and supervising. kazanprovided the cost. For this reason, leaders have started to take titles such as guide, guide, team leader, mentor. Leaders who determine their direction, focus on their goals, and establish relations with their team towards the goal become the pioneers of change. In today's business world, organizations and employees need an expert, namely a coach, in order to achieve better, to have successful and high performance, and to manage change.

Coaching Replaces the Boss

Expressing that coaching is a good tool to deal with changes EGİAD Vice President Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer said, “In addition to the support it provides at the individual level, coaching also contributes to the need for continuous change and development.Therefore, coaching takes a fundamental role by restructuring the pioneers of change, guiding organizations and individuals aiming for success. becoming a “Coach” rather than a “Boss” by doing, encouraging and motivating, therefore, it changes its leadership styles by giving up authority-oriented approaches and empowering its employees. Managers are expected to be people who ask questions rather than narrate, affect others rather than scare them, and choose to encourage and support their subordinates instead of threatening or oppressing them. The concept of "coaching" is to facilitate the emergence of potential within people to achieve meaningful and important goals, ”he said.

We Should Reveal the Strengths of Employees

with accreditation awarded by institutions, professional coach training that number of companies and Yelkenbiçer attention rapidly increased professional coach number who have received training from these institutions in Turkey, "Applied positive psychology as a method in evaluating the coaching, people problem-oriented perspective rather than solution-oriented perspective steering angle. It highlights the strengths of the person. It supports the person to get to know himself better and reach a better point. Coaching is not controlling and managing. It is a process. In this process, the coach is a facilitator and a mirror holder, offering options that may be right for the individual and the institution, expressing opinions on issues he thinks are wrong, but leave the final decision to the person. In short, coaching means maximizing the potential ”.

The ICF Turkey Aegean Region Representative Cakir Dilek Yun, programs to maintain confidence in Turkey of the coaching profession and that they set standards, "ICF Our goal as Turkey is to become an integral part of the community of the coaching profession. Our members lead this goal by representing the highest quality in professional coaching. We care about continuing projects that will benefit our members and the society and implement new ones by taking a transparent, accessible, participatory approach, taking advantage of technology opportunities. "To increase the credibility of our profession, to establish partnerships with the business world, non-governmental organizations and other coaching associations, to establish strong relations with our members, to update our regulations in parallel with the changes and innovations at ICF Global are among the main issues we will address."

Stating that there were approximately 2019 thousand coaches globally in 71, Yunar emphasized that the coaching profession was shown among the 50 professions of the future, saying, “The market size of the USA in 2019 is approximately 15 billion dollars, and the 2022 estimate is approximately 22 billion dollars. 61 percent of those who use coaching skills are graduate or doctoral graduates, and 33 percent are bachelor's degrees.

Serdar Samsun, one of the ICF officials, stated that professional coaching is definitely not consultancy, mentoring, training model and therapy.

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