Hospital Habits Changed During The Pandemic Process

Hospitalization habits changed during the pandemic process
Hospitalization habits changed during the pandemic process

The Covid-19 epidemic, which has affected the whole world, has changed many habits and caused radical changes in healthcare habits.

Due to Covid-19, when hospitals allocated almost all of their physical capacities to fight the epidemic in 2020 and started to serve with less capacity in some branches, a serious increase in online examination services occurred.

After these developments, Bulutklinik offers the online doctor service, which has increased its importance as a result of the fact that physical conditions are not sufficient for health services other than Covid-19 and patients tend to stay away from these health facilities for precautionary purposes, bringing patients and doctors together on a virtual platform, enabling basic health services to be received. . In this way, while those who want to receive health services minimize the risk of contamination; it also saved time.

When comparing the pre-pandemic figures of Bulutklinik, which has been operating in the field of telemedicine since 2016, the difference was remarkable. Here "Turkey's first Online Hospital" Bulutklinik with the vision of serving as the head of the prominent figures of 2021;

  • While the number of clinics that received service from Bulutklinik at the beginning of 2020 was 2000, this number rose to 2021 with an increase of more than 100% at the beginning of 4.070.
  • While the number of patients registered to Bulutklinik at the beginning of 2020 was 345 thousand, this number reached 2021 thousand with an increase of more than 150% at the beginning of 865.
  • The number of users receiving service, which was 2020 at the beginning of 3000, reached 2021 with an increase of 110% at the beginning of 6291.
  • In Bulutklinik, which works in integration with SaglıkNet, the number of data sent to the Ministry of Health at the beginning of 2020 was 12500, but at the beginning of 2021, this number was approximately 196 thousand.

"The Pandemic Has Radically Changed the Understanding of Health Care Like Many Habits"

Bulut Clinic Founding Partner Ali Hulusi Ölmez said, “During the pandemic process, changes were inevitable in healthcare processes while radically changing many of our habits. At this point, in Bulutklinik we established in 2016, we presented the infrastructure of the online examination service, which was not common in our country, to our patients and doctors. When we look at our current figures as of the beginning of 2021, we can say that we have experienced a very serious increase in the usage rates of Bulutklinik. We foresee that the demand for online healthcare services will increase in the coming years with the reshaped consumer behavior, and we plan our future investments in the light of this expectation. He spoke in the form.

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