Children in Ordu Have Fun With Free Ski Training

kids with army had fun with free ski training
kids with army had fun with free ski training

In Ordu, children between the ages of 8-10 learn skiing with ski training, where all their needs are met by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. The children, who are introduced to skiing for the first time, experience unforgettable moments with their trainings and various activities.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality organizes free ski training for children aged 8-10. Children are given free ski training at the event held in the Nature Facilities located in the Tourism Center Çambaşı Plateau, and they are provided with skiing sports.


One of the Metropolitan Municipality affiliates ORBEL A.Ş. Transportation, clothing and ski equipment are offered free of charge to children in the trainings held in cooperation with Ordu Ski Club. With the trainings given by expert trainers in the field, children both learn to ski and spend insatiable time in the snow. After the trainings, children and their families have an unforgettable day by taking a chairlift tour.


Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that they organize free ski training to introduce children to skiing and to make them love skiing.

Expressing that he sees the happiness of children as his own happiness, President Güler said, “We want to get used to winter sports in our Ordu and encourage our young brothers to participate in this sport. kazanWe wish to climb. For this purpose, we provide ski training to 8 students between the ages of 10-80. There was a lot of interest. We cover the transportation of our children and their parents, the provision of ski clothes and their education. Thus, our Ordu regarding winter sports is about to become a new center of attraction. With this intense interest, winter tourism has become active in many of our plateaus, especially in Çambaşı Plateau. In this regard, we want to keep our youth and children alive and prepare them for winter sports. We see that both our children and our families are happy in the trainings given, which makes us happy.”

They couldn't sleep with excitement

The children, who experienced the happiness of meeting skiing for the first time, stated that skiing made them very happy. Emphasizing that they were very excited before the ski training day and that they could not sleep because of excitement, the children stated that they love skiing very much and they want to continue skiing when they grow up.


In addition to their children, families also attended the trainings held under the leadership of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. The families who were with their children in these happy moments recorded the pleasant moments with their mobile phones in order to immortalize them.

Stressing that they are as happy as their children because of the education, the families said, “We have to stay at home during the pandemic process. This event held during this period made both our children and us very happy. They took us from our house in the morning, gave our children their clothes and gave ski training. We all had an unforgettable day together. We thank Ordu Metropolitan Municipality for giving us this opportunity and making our children happy ”.

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