Online Fishing Training Started

Online Fishing Training Started
Online Fishing Training Started

The "Amateur Fishing Training", organized by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department, has started for amateur fishermen to make more conscious angling. At the end of the online training, a certificate of participation will be given to the trainees.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality organizes "Amateur Fishing Training" for the citizens on conscious and technical hunting in order to protect the Mediterranean, to economically operate the aquaculture production resources and to ensure the continuity of the existing living stocks in these resources. The training given online by the Department of Agricultural Services guides amateur anglers.


In the amateur fishing training given by the fisheries engineers affiliated with the Agricultural Services Department, the introduction of equipment, fishing line and appropriate fishing methods are explained. Participants are provided with information about Mediterranean fish and fishable species. Citizens who want to participate in online trainings can apply by calling (0242) 345 00 14.

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