National Infantry Rifle MPT-76-MH Qualification Tests Completed

national infantry squad mpt mh qualification tests have been completed
national infantry squad mpt mh qualification tests have been completed

📩 08/02/2021 15:16

Qualification tests of MPT-76-MH, the new model of the national infantry rifle MPT-76, have been completed.

Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, in his post on social media, said, “Our efforts continue to ensure that our security forces use their equipment more effectively in the field. Qualification of the lightened National Infantry Rifle MPT-76-MH designed by MKEK has been completed. gave his statements.

The previous model of the MPT-76 was 4200 grams. With the new model, the rifle weighed less than 400 grams and became 3750 grams. Instead of the 12 gauge stock, the 5 gauge ergonomic stock and the forend were replaced with the Kayı tambour as in the MPT-55. If we look at the other AR-10 rifles, it is in the 4-4,5 kg band. (HK417 4,4 kg, SIG716 4 kg) If we look at the 7,62 × 51 rifles in general, they are between 3,6 kg and 4,5 kg. (SCAR-H 3,63 kg)

Produced for the needs of the Land Forces, the MPT-76 AR-10 is a design rifle. It works with its unique short stroke gas piston system. The system is exactly like a short stroke piston in the way of pushing the mechanism back after the projectile firing, but since the mechanism is pushed back again with the return spring after the empty casing is discharged out, and the new ammunition is locked by inserting the new ammunition into the chamber and the gas piston is seated in the gas block. with long stroke gas is to act like a piston. MPT-76 with picatini rail allows us to use all kinds of optical, thermal and laser. The double-sided magazine release latch allows use with both hands.

MPT-76 is in the inventory of Turkish National Police, Land Forces Command, Air Forces Command, Naval Forces Command, Gendarmerie General Command and Somali Army.

Source: defenceturk

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