Michelin and Air France Collaboration Extended

air france micheline refreshed the body she heard
air france micheline refreshed the body she heard

It has been decided that the long-term cooperation signed between Michelin and Air France in 2010 will continue for another 10 years. With the renewed cooperation, Michelin will continue to be the sole tire supplier of the aircraft fleet, while at the same time undertaking many studies based on sustainability and innovation.

It was decided to continue the long-term cooperation between the world's largest tire manufacturer Michelin and Air France, which was established in 2010. Reaffirming its confidence in Michelin, the aircraft fleet will meet its tire supply from Michelin for the next 10 years. Air France's aircraft will be equipped with the most modern aircraft tires, such as the Radial Michelin® AIR X with NZG (Near Zero Growth) technology. Designed to assure a stable tire diameter, this technology gives aircraft tires greater durability and exceptional resistance. kazanyelling.

Michelin to reduce Air France's carbon emissions by 50%

Michelin and Air France, whose partnership will continue for another 10 years; In addition to tire supply, it will also carry out its innovation activities with the aim of reducing its carbon footprint. Actively involved in European research programs, Michelin is working on breakthrough technologies to continue to lighten its tires and associated systems and mechanically reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions on each flight. Michelin will continue to provide Air France with highly targeted solutions such as innovative recycling channels, high-performance ecological resins and 3D metal and plastic printing expertise, including reducing Air France's CO2030 emissions per passenger / km by 2% by 50. will help it achieve the ambitious sustainable development goals it has set for itself.

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