Meteorological Data Will Be Transmitted Instantly To TOGG Along The Route

Meteorological Data Will Be Transmitted Instantly Along Route TOGGa
Meteorological Data Will Be Transmitted Instantly Along Route TOGGa

Our Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli, General Directorate of Meteorology (MGM) with Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) signed between the "Protocol Relating to Shares of Meteorological Data", the reported will be forwarded to TOGG car momentarily along the route MGM data.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the "Protocol on Sharing Meteorological Data" was signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry General Directorate of Meteorology and TOGG.


Speaking at the signing ceremony held in Informatics Valley, our Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Pakdemirli, Turkey in the last 18 years, defense, automotive, stated that great progress in agriculture and industry.

Pakdemirli TOGG indicating that the mention of an e-tool is spoken, "was able to take the necessary initiatives in an area where Turkey is the world giants. In the 21st century, we have embarked on a technological journey that will suit our country. " said.

Pakdemirli, environmentally friendly vehicle; Stating that it is not a car but a computer on a wheel, “As the Ministry, we thought, 'What kind of contribution can we make here? We said to 'TOGG' that 'we can take a serious initiative on the part of meteorology and we can contribute in this field'. The negotiations that started recently resulted in this union. " he spoke.

Stating that the General Directorate of Meteorology works as a tailor with the new system and produces data for everyone, Pakdemirli stated that they are now producing commercial information for institutions.


Referring to the contributions of the signed protocol to the vehicle and the driver, Pakdemirli said:

“From meteorological information such as icing and rain at your destination, to route suggestions and the operation of the headlights, wipers and air conditioning, it will actually help the vehicle in a very serious way. However, we expect a result that will increase the comfort of the vehicle user. For example, let's imagine that we went to Şanlıurfa from Kocaeli. We need to prepare our luggage according to the weather of Şanlıurfa. We will be able to get information about this from the vehicle. Our possible route will pass through 5 different regions and 9 provinces. It will give us information such as 'don't go there, this route is more appropriate, there is snowing here', according to the weather. "

Pakdemirli stated that even suggestions regarding what the person should wear will be presented to the user.


Bekir Pakdemirli stated that the weather data will be transmitted to the vehicle instantly from MGM along the route and gave the following information:

"MGM citizens, our nation, while the driver is a very important benefit, at the same time, these tools also in Turkey because it is a walking computer age we will have increased our number of meteorological stations. Of course, the data coming to us from here will be anonymous. In other words, we will not be tracking what data is coming from which driver, which vehicle. However, the fact that there are many meteorology stations with thousands, tens of thousands of vehicles on the road will enable us to make the weather forecast much better.

While mentioning the story of the domestic vehicle, Pakdemirli stated that the light was seen at the end of the tunnel and that he was excited to see the vehicle on the roads as a potential TOGG customer candidate.

Pakdemirli stating that Turkey has taken an important initiative TOGG with the world in an area that does not have the huge, thanked everyone who contributed to domestic vehicles.

Günceleme: 12/02/2021 15:52

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