Authorized Mercedes-Benz Turkey Domestic Car Makes TOGG Description

mercedes benz turkey made official description of the domestic auto tOGGer
mercedes benz turkey made official description of the domestic auto tOGGer

Şükrü Bekdikhan, President of Mercedes-Benz Automobile Group, made a statement before the SCT hike for electric cars. In a report in Milliyet, the domestic automobile project TOGG will have a positive impact on the electric cars sector and “With the implementation of TOGG, a great acceleration will be seen in the number of charging stations. The Turkish automotive supplier industry will also speed up its investments in electric vehicle components. A transformation that will allow the use of electric cars to spread to large masses will begin. " made the explanations.

Mercedes-Benz Car Group Chairman Şükrü Bekdikh that is, Turkey is quite low demand in the market of electric cars in the coming years, but said that with the increase of the models thought it would be a rapid increase. However, this demand is not expected to be too high. Because, as we have previously come to hike in excise duties applied to electric cars recently the case in Turkey.

Varank Made a Statement About TOGG

Mustafa Varank, Minister of Industry and Technology, on the subject: “You will buy some of the parts from abroad, how is this domestic car? There are criticisms. I am giving examples of it. When you look at global supply chains right now, which vehicle is 100 percent produced in a country's territory? How will you be competitive? You will convince people to buy more, you follow a policy accordingly. We are talking about an automobile whose intellectual property rights belong 100 percent to our country and engineered by our own people. Of course there may be other people among its suppliers. The world automotive industry is developing so rapidly that we no longer call it an automobile, this is a smart product now.

Turkey, a major automotive manufacturer. A country that exports 33 billion dollars of automotive, spare parts and engineering. If you are only a supplier, you can make a transformation depending on headquarters. We ourselves will trigger these capabilities with Turkey's Car of the country, we will develop and create the mobility ecosystem Turkey. There is no problem here. Hopefully at the end of 2022 we will see these tools against us all together in a vehicle when the band is proud of all of Turkey. " used his sentences.

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