Mecidiyeköy Square is Renewed

mecidiyekoy square is being renovated
mecidiyekoy square is being renovated

IMM pressed the button to renew Mecidiyeköy Square, which has been one of the chaos in terms of vehicle and pedestrian traffic for years. The works to be carried out on a total area of ​​20 thousand square meters were initially started on a 7 thousand 100 square meter section. The square where the vehicle traffic will be rearranged is afforested; It will become a new living center with its sitting, resting and exhibition areas.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is implementing the project that will give breath to Mecidiyeköy Square, one of the main squares of the city. The square, where the traffic jam and noise is felt at an extreme, will take on a new identity thanks to the work to be carried out.

The Mecidiyeköy Meydan Urban Design Project, which was developed in coordination with the IMM Ministries of Surveying Projects and Science Department and the Istanbul Planning Agency, will be carried out on an area of ​​7 thousand 100 square meters at the first stage. When the studies are completed; The square will become one of the new attraction points of the city with its sitting areas, exhibition halls and walkways.


Transferring information about the Mecidiyeköy Square project, IMM Deputy Secretary General Arif Gürkan Alpay emphasized that with the new project, the area will not only be a point to pass over and continued his words as follows:

“This area will be designed as a meeting point to be expected and calm. Sitting areas will be a living space with an art gallery. In the square, an afforestation area of ​​nearly 2 thousand square meters will also be created, which will mask especially intense vehicle sounds. "

Mecidiyeköy Square, where vehicle traffic will be reorganized, will be made more suitable for disabled access. The construction process of the project is planned to be completed in June 2021.

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