Bus and Bus Stops Are Regularly Disinfected in Malatya

Bus and bus stops in malatya are regularly disinfected
Bus and bus stops in malatya are regularly disinfected

Cleaning and disinfection works were carried out by the teams of the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality MOTAŞ General Directorate at the bus and trambus stops in the center of Malatya.


During the pandemic period, cleaning and disinfection operations continue to be carried out regularly by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality teams in areas that are used extensively by the public. In addition to the regular cleaning and disinfection works carried out by the teams affiliated to the Environmental Protection and Control Department in the responsibility areas of the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, MOTAŞ General Directorate teams also carry out cleaning and disinfection works at the bus stops and trambus stops in Malatya. The internal and external cleaning of public transport vehicles serving within the MOTAŞ General Directorate is carried out with great care by the teams, and it is aimed that the citizens do not experience any problems. In addition to the daily cleaning and disinfection of buses and trabuses before and after the trips, 488 bus stops and 58 trambus stations in Malatya are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

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