Malatya Station Street Expansion Works Completed

Malatya Istasyon Street Expansion Works Completed
Malatya Istasyon Street Expansion Works Completed

📩 27/02/2021 15:21

The asphalt paving works of the road route have been completed with the end of the expansion works of İstasyon Street, where the road expansion and renewal works started by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality recently.

The road expansion, maintenance and repair work carried out by the teams of the Department of Road and Infrastructure Coordination, and the final asphalt pavement, were completed in a short time on İstasyon Street. Expressing their satisfaction for the road widening and asphalt paving works, İstasyon Caddesi tradesmen thanked Mayor Gürkan.

One of the residents of İstasyon Caddesi, Mehmet Kırmızıtoprak, said, “There is no need to ask questions, our eyes see. We would like to thank them for the work done, and we say that their work will come across, ”he said.

Tradesman Bekir Tosun thanked those who contributed to the work and said, “We thank our Metropolitan Mayor. Our roads have been widened, our roads have been beautiful. We would like to thank everyone who contributed ”.

Tradesman Ahmet Sarıkaya gave his statements, "I can say that they have been here for 23 years and the work done so far is very good and good."

Tradesman Mehmet Karatepe said that he liked the road and maintenance works as a Malatya.

Suat Selçuk, one of the residents of the neighborhood, stated that the street was revived after the works and said, “We really thank you very much, everyone knows about these works. The station has revived the street, the value of the station has increased. We really thank our President Selahattin. "No president has touched here" he said.

Emir Boztepe said, “This place has not been built in Malatya for 100 years and who is doing it as the current mayor. Take a tour of Malatya where many more things have been done. Is this a good blessing? While this road has remained the same for 100 years, this road has been expanded with our Selahattin President. Our mayor makes this city rosy. He said "Malatya has good services all over the place."

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