Where is Köprülü Canyon National Park and How to Go? Entrance Fee and Camping

Where is Koprulu Canyon National Park, how to get there, entrance fee and camping
Where is Koprulu Canyon National Park, how to get there, entrance fee and camping

Köprülü Canyon is the valley of Köprüçay, which starts in Sütçüler district of Isparta and flows into the sea in Antalya, suitable for rafting.

There are also two historical bridges at the beginning of the area where rafting can be done, the smaller one was built by the master and the large arched bridge was built by the master's foreman. Köprülü Canyon was named after these bridges.

The water of this clean river, which provides rafting opportunity to 7 thousand people a day in summer, can also be easily drunk from its source. The natural beauty of the environment plays an important role in making it a good summer resort. For this reason, the canyon is also a touristic place.

The beginning of Köprülü Canyon is Kasımlar town located in the south east of Isparta. The main source of the river is the river coming from Aksu, which is the district of Isparta, and the water coming out of Karacahisar village of Isparta. The canyon consists of narrow valleys for approximately 25 km from Kasımlar to Değirmenözü village of Antalya. In this part, it is difficult to pass by walking, especially when the water rises. But in the summer months, you can walk. After Değirmenözü village, the river flows in a completely open area. Then the river enters the narrow valleys again. This second part continues until the Köprülü Canyon Ancient Bridge. Again, there are steep valleys, difficult passages and natural beauties in this section. Köprülü Canyon National Park was established in 1973 around the river, with a size of 36.614 ha.

How to Get to Köprülü Canyon National Park?

You can use your own vehicle to go to Köprülü Canyon. The distance from Istanbul to here is 760km. The distance to Ankara is 560km. For those coming from Izmir, the distance will be 550 km. You can also use the Airport to reach here. It is possible to come here from Antalya Airport. Transportation from Antalya is 80 km.

It is very easy to reach Köprülü canyon. There are many minibuses and buses coming here. It is also frequented by tourists. Its distance to Alanya is 120 km. You will see the Köprülü Canyon illuminated sign on the road. This is a very valuable touristic area.

Köprülü Canyon National Park Entrance Fee and Camping

Those who enter Köprülü Canyon National Park do not have to pay any fees. This canyon should be among the must-see places because of its natural beauties and rafting area.

The region contains natural beauties. There are many alternatives to stay around. But there are camping areas available for those who are passionate about nature and want to wake up to nature. You can camp here.

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