KARDEMİR Towards Digital Investments

kardemir directed digital investments
kardemir directed digital investments

KARDEMİR started using the "SAP Steel2019Hana" digital infrastructure project, which started in October 4, from the first minutes of 2021.

SAP software developed by KARDEMİR to take a stronger place in the competitive structure of the iron and steel industry and to integrate faster with the world will play a key role in the realization of the company's sustainability goals, from supply chain to marketing studies and customer relations, from human resources management to automation systems. With SAP software that will provide a radical change in the organizational structure of KARDEMİR, business processes from raw materials to the sales area will also become stronger in terms of traceability.

Turkey's Kardemir, one of the few companies in this serious investment successfully conclude Inc., whereby the digital conversion of the iron and steel industry "first" factory has been realized. With the new "digital management" systems that it has switched to as the locomotive company of the sector, it has become the first in its field and made an investment that can set an example for all companies.

Giving priority to the health of its employees, KARDEMİR will adapt more easily to the new working culture that will occur after the pandemic with projects such as "SAP Steel4Hana".

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