Questions Awaiting Answers About Izmit Kuruçeşme Tram Project

Questions waiting to be answered about izmit kurucesme tram project
Questions waiting to be answered about izmit kurucesme tram project

The tram line to be built by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality between Beach road and Kuruçeşme will pass from the Plajyolu stop to the Kuruçeşme Intersection with a 100 meter steel tram bridge over the D-332. For going to the current D-100 Istanbul direction, a connection will be provided from Izmit western toll booth offices location and Kuruçeşme Junction will be rearranged.

Izmit Kurucesme Tram map

In this context, the answer to the following questions about the extension of the tram route to Kuruçeşme by building a steel bridge over E-5 is not included in the statement.

1-) What are the starting and ending dates of this tender?

2-) Will E-5 and Highway vehicle traffic be disrupted during the study? What measures will be taken on these routes?

3-) What will be the slope of the bridge for the tram? Is Tram drive system power suitable for climbing this slope? Or will a change in the drive system be required? What will this change cost be?

4-) Have the costs of the dead area, unusable side road, pedestrian overpasses to be demolished calculated? Is it covered by the tender?

5-) Will the bridge to be built to extend the tramway route and the electricity transmission line poles to be erected on it will be suitable for the texture of the city? What precautions have been taken for the dangers it may pose.

6-) Will the privacy of the tram that will pass close to the buildings not be violated by raising the tram route?

7-) Current villagers market customers will not be able to benefit from this service due to the distance of the stops. Has a solution been considered in this matter?

8-) Has an alternative solution been considered for 2 pedestrian overpasses that will be demolished during the construction phase? Is there a solution for how the pedestrians will follow the route during this period?

9-) After the tram route is extended to Kuruçeşme direction, has a plan been made about where the route will be extended in this direction? Will the tram storage area to be built at the end of Kuruçeşme not interfere with future investments?

1 Station 2 Pedestrian Bridge

Within the scope of the project, 812 station and 1 pedestrian bridges will be built for a total of 2 meters of double line. The existing roads on the route where the tram line passes and the West Highway entrance in the Izmit-Istanbul direction will be renewed. The displacement of the infrastructures on the route will also be made within the scope of this project. A Transformer center will also be established to provide the energy of the line.


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