Hurricane and Hail Hit Izmir: 16 Injured

hose and hail shot wounded
hose and hail shot wounded

Due to the tornado that occurred in Çeşme district in İzmir yesterday evening and the hail raining affecting many districts of the city, the Metropolitan Municipality participated in the field support activities with all its units. Mayor Tunç Soyer, who made examinations in Alaçatı hit by the tornado, said, “İzmir continues to struggle with disasters. As a municipality, we will be with all our citizens in need ”.

16 people were injured in the hose that took place in İzmir yesterday evening and affected the Çeşme Alaçatı Port area. The containers and the crane mast were toppled on the construction site due to the hose, the roofs of the neighboring houses were blown off, and a large-scale material damage occurred. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality guided many teams to the region and supported the works.
İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer made investigations in the region after the tornado disaster that caused great damage in the Alaçatı District of Çeşme, the tourism paradise of the city.

President Soyer on the spot

Expressing his regret about the incident, Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “In a short time, a great disaster occurred. "The table we see is very sad and shows the extent of the disaster." Referring to the destruction of the nature, Soyer said that they will heal the wounds. Stating that the city had a flood disaster a week ago, and then the tornado affected the settlements, President Soyer said, “The roofs are largely blown away. Vehicles are badly damaged, "he said.

"Nature gives everyone their mouths"

Stating that these landscapes have always been experienced in Far East countries, Latin America, and now the same negativities occur in Izmir, President Soyer said, “So what we call climate change, natural disasters and disasters were not that far away from us. We also saw this. As we disturb the balance of nature and think that I am a power over it, we and nature also gives everyone its share. It's really sad. "We should definitely attach great importance to a lifestyle and management that is more compatible with and preserves nature."

"We will be with our citizens"

Noting that they made an investigation with the Mayor of Çeşme Ekrem Oran in order to heal the wounds of the disaster, Soyer said: “Citizens who were understood due to the curfew were not outside, and they were avoided cheaply. It would be possible that flying tiles could do much more harm to humans. At least that didn't happen. I wish all our citizens get well soon. We will be with them. We will try to help whatever they need and whatever damage they have suffered. We will heal the wounds as much as we can. "

Hail rain affected life negatively

After the tornado last night in İzmir, heavy hail rain was also seen, which affected the districts of Güzelbahçe and Urla in the Peninsula region. Karşıyaka and Çiğli districts. Floods occurred in some areas due to hail parts blocking the canal systems. In the districts of Ataşehir, Şirintepe, Balatçık, Küçükçiğli, Evka 5, Donanmacı, Yali, Cumhuriyet and Zübeyde Hanım, the floods were immediately intervened. Çiğli Tuzla underpass, which was closed during the full load, was opened to traffic in a short time.

In many parts of the city, roofs flew and trees fell due to the severe storm. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality evaluated all the notifications and intervened in the problems throughout the night.

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