After the Earthquake, Izmir is Now Flooded! İZBAN Expeditions Cannot Be Made

After the Izmir earthquake, now the flood hit and Izban services cannot be made
After the Izmir earthquake, now the flood hit and Izban services cannot be made

The General Directorate of Meteorology issued an orange warning in the Coastal Aegean and warned the İzmir and Aydın circles against very heavy downpours. The torrential rain that started in Izmir last night has almost paralyzed the city. Many homes and businesses were flooded. When the municipality and firefighters could not reach the water discharge water discharge notices, the citizens mobilized their own means.

In Izmir, where the General Directorate of Meteorology warned of heavy downpours, the rainfall that started last night in Izmir negatively affects life. Streets and streets were flooded in many districts due to the thunderstorm that continued its effect severely. Traffic has come to a standstill. Drivers and pedestrians remained on the roads.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer made a statement on his Twitter account,

  • Our Izmir was exposed to a disaster with the extraordinary rain that started at night and increased its intensity. After our districts, streams overflowed in the center. Our teams were on the alert all night, and now they are on duty. We ask our non-compulsory citizens not to go out in the morning.
  • Dear fellow countrymen, due to floods caused by river floods, there are disruptions in İZBAN, Tramway and bus services on some lines. Our teams are working hard to keep the routes of public transportation vehicles open.
  • Dear citizens of İzmir, rainfall above the average of February fell in İzmir in eight hours. For this reason, many underpasses and roads are blocked due to flooding. Please do not oblige citizens to go out on the streets. Public employees will be deemed to be on half-day administrative leave.
  • Especially KarşıyakaI would like our local citizens to prefer ferries for transportation. The ferries operate with a load-unload system without waiting for the departure time to avoid crowding. Our car ferries are also in continuous operation between Üçkuyular and Bostanlı.

İZBAN Flights Stopped

Streams overflowed in Gaziemir, Karabağlar and Konak districts. Some streams have increased flow. The İZBAN suburban train running between Aliağa-Cuma Plain stopped at 07.30. While the downpour continued, firefighters and municipal teams started evacuation work at the points where floods took place. It was stated that the firefighters continued their efforts to save the citizens trapped in their homes.

Hail, which rained at midnight in Aliağa district, caused material damage to parked vehicles. The sea rising on the Büyükdeniz coast has merged with the beach. Sea and flood waters mingled. The municipalities and fire brigades, which continue to work in the region, continue to work to prevent a possible flood by evacuating the water.

Tram Expeditions Also Affected

İzmir Metro A.Ş. In a statement he made on his Twitter account; " Dear passengers, due to heavy rain, there is operation between Ataşehir and Yunuslar. Operation between Yunuslar and Alaybey is carried out by ESHOT buses. Thank you for your understanding. " it was said

Foça has not received such rain for the last 30 years

Mayor of Foça, Fatih Gürbüz, said that Foça had not seen such a heavy rain for 30 years, and that the flow rate of rain and flood waters decreased due to the rise of sea waters during daylight hours. Gürbüz said, “Foça has not received such rain for the last 30 years. Flood waters coming from the mountains and hills and the rise of the sea caused our streets to be filled with water.

We placed our 5 citizens, whose place of stay in the terminal area, which was flooded, in Foça State Hospital. Our fire brigade and municipal teams continue to work both on the roads and in flooded homes and businesses. We also requested reinforcement teams from the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, ”he said.


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