Dams Filled in One Night with Record Rainfall in Izmir

Dams Are Filled In One Night With Record Rain In Izmir
Dams Are Filled In One Night With Record Rain In Izmir

📩 03/02/2021 11:19

In İzmir, which witnessed one of the highest rainfalls in the history of the city, the amount of water in dams increased remarkably overnight. The occupancy rate of Tahtalı Dam, the most important water basin of the city, has reached 50 percent. When the occupancy of Balçova and Ürkmez dams reached 100 percent, controlled evacuation of the water in the dams was started by DSI.

The impact of record rainfalls in İzmir was also reflected in the occupancy rates in dams. After just one night of rainfall, the water level in all dams in the city rose. The occupancy rate of Balçova Dam, which had a 70 percent occupancy rate, and the Ürkmez Dam, which was 80 percent a day ago, reached 100 percent. The Balçova Dam with a maximum lake volume of 8 million cubic meters and the Ürkmez Dam with a maximum lake volume of 8,6 million cubic meters were initiated by the State Hydraulic Works Regional Directorate in a controlled manner for security purposes.

The occupancy rate was 45 percent the day before, and the city's largest water source, Tahtalı Dam, has reached 50 percent as of today. In Tahtalı, whose maximum lake volume is 306,5 million cubic meters, increased by 5 percent in just one night.

The increase in Çeşme Kutlu Aktaş Dam, which was one hundred 55 a day ago, has also reached a remarkable level. The occupancy rate in the dam, which has a capacity of 16,5 million cubic meters, approached 70 percent. It is predicted that there is still intense water flow from the streams and the increase in the water level in dams will continue in the coming days.

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