Excessive Rain Hit İZBAN and Tram Expeditions in İzmir

Heavy rain hit Izban and tram services in Izmir
Heavy rain hit Izban and tram services in Izmir

In Izmir, where the General Directorate of Meteorology warned of heavy downpours, the rainfall that started last night in Izmir negatively affects life. Streets and streets were flooded in many districts due to the thunderstorm that continued its effect severely. The wind caused disruptions in the rail transportation system with the effective downpour. There are disruptions in İZBAN and Tram services due to precipitation. Traffic has come to a standstill. Drivers and pedestrians remained on the roads.

Disruption in İZBAN Expeditions

Heavy rain and winds effective in İzmir caused İZBAN flights to be delayed. The following statements were used in the statement made from the official account of İZBAN; '' While the train operation stops temporarily between Turan - Halkapınar stations due to heavy rainfall, we can travel on a single line between Kemer and Gaziemir. Salhane, due to excessive rainfall negatively affecting the line in the region, Bayraklı We cannot take passengers to our and Turan stations temporarily. We will continue to inform you. "

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Tram Expeditions Also Affected by Rainfall

The official statement made while the rainfall also affected the tram service; “Dear passengers, due to heavy rain, there is an operation between Ataşehir and Dolphins. Operation between Yunuslar and Alaybey is carried out by ESHOT buses. Thank you for your understanding. '

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said in his statement on his Twitter account, “Especially KarşıyakaI would like our local citizens to prefer ferries for transportation. The ferries operate with a load-unload system without waiting for the departure time to avoid crowding. Our car ferries are also in continuous operation between Üçkuyular and Bostanlı.


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