İSTON Highway Curbs Passed Safety and Durability Test

Iston highway curbs passed the safety and durability test
Iston highway curbs passed the safety and durability test

The ISTON highway border, which will meet the safety need on highways and keep the vehicle on the road against impact, successfully passed the internationally valid test in Italy. The service level of the durability and high security performance of the H4B highway curb signed by İSTON was certified in the TS EN 1317-2 standard. Making the product from domestic sources provides a great cost advantage.

ISTON, an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), which plays an important role in the infrastructure and superstructure development of Istanbul, continues to implement the new technologies and products it has developed with its R&D team. İSTON H4B is the new project of İSTON developed for the safety of drivers in the city. With the curb developed by ISTON, vehicles will be prevented from crossing the road in case of an accident. Production of H4B barriers started at İSTON Tuzla facilities.


The tests of the product took place in the technology test center of the Inspection and Certification Services Organization, CSI, located in Milan, Italy and one of the leading testing organizations in Europe. According to the TS EN 1317 Crash Test Standard, the 900 kg car was exposed to 100 km, and the TIR weighing 38 tons was exposed to the ISTON barrier at a speed of 65 km per hour. According to the test results obtained, ISTON H4B has proved that the concrete auto-railing is structurally sufficient and will be safe against vehicle crashes.


ISTON highway curb height, length, base width and connection geometry were created in accordance with the standards set by the General Directorate of Highways. The most important feature of the ISTON highway curb is that it prevents the vehicle from swinging into the opposite lane at the time of impact. In this way, it is aimed to contribute to the low level of loss of life and material damages in accidents.

H4B Underlining the border could be used on all motorways in Turkey ISTON Quality and R & D Manager Emre our eclipsing, explain the benefits of the product was as follows:

"It will be economically beneficial to be produced from local materials, to be easily disassembled when desired, and to be used in a different place when it is desired to have no repair-maintenance costs."

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