Rail System Target in Istanbul is 342 Kilometers

rail system target kilometer in istanbul
rail system target kilometer in istanbul

Stating that Istanbul's rail system network is 251 kilometers and that this number will increase to 342 kilometers when the ongoing projects are completed, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu said that 342 percent of the 50 kilometers will be transferred to Istanbul by your Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. kazanHe said he would be gone.

Karaismailoğlu said, “The length of the Marmaray and suburban line and Levent-Hisarüstü Metro, which we offer to the service of Istanbul residents, is exactly 80 kilometers. As of now in Istanbul; Gayrettepe-Kagithane Airport Metro, Halkalı-Başakşehir- Arnavutköy Airport Metro, Pendik-Tavşantepe-Sabiha Gökçen Airport Metro, Bakırköy (IDO) -Kirazlı Metro and the 6.2-kilometer Başakşehir-Çam and Sakura Hospital-Kayaşehir Metro Line, which we are currently under investigation "We continue to build the line," he said.

“Başakşehir-Çam and Sakura Hospital-Kayaşehir Metro Line is particularly important in terms of creating an alternative transportation route to Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospitals. As you know, as the ministry, we did this because our hospital did not do what it should do. We provided the highway connection in a short time like a month so that our citizens would not be victims. "

“Unfortunately, when we took over on May 22, 2020, only 6.2 percent of the 5-kilometer-long line was completed. Thanks to the works we accelerated immediately, we covered a great distance in a very short time. By adding the second TBM Machine to the works last October, we increased the physical realization rate to 36 percent as of today. We have completed 3 thousand 298 meters, or 2 percent, of the 626 thousand 80 meters long TBM Tunnel constructions. We have completed 5 thousand 430 meters, or 3 percent of the 41 thousand 56 meters of NATM Tunnel constructions. Within the scope of the project, we will manufacture 43 thousand 729 square meters of closed area and 9 thousand 923 meters of rail. Currently, approximately two thousand 500 people are employed within the scope of our project. "

Stating that they are planning to put Başakşehir-Çam and Sakura City Hospital -Kayaşehir Metro Line Project into the service of the public at the end of this year, Minister Karaismailoğlu continued as follows:

“From the day we took over, we aimed to complete 5 percent in 95 months, except for the 18 percent. Başakşehir - Pine and Sakura City Hospital -Kayaşehir Metro Line, which is still under construction by our ministry at Kayaşehir Station Halkalı-Başakşehir Airport will be integrated with the Metro line and the transportation of the region to the airport and Marmara will be provided by metro. With the completion of our project of Bakırköy - Kirazlı Metro Line, uninterrupted transportation will be provided from Bakırköy coast to Çam and Sakura Hospital. Başakşehir - Çam and Sakura Hospital and Kayaşehir Metro Line will provide transportation from Bakırköy coast to Bahçelievler, Güngören, Bağcılar and Başakşehir to the hospital, as well as providing an uninterrupted transportation axis to the new airport and Marmaray.

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